Monday, January 30, 2006

our life begins…

married on the independence DAY!! 31 august we remarked e’ calendar for our future anniversaries to come….known for almost 5 yrs started fr KMB and cont untill UiTM…begin as a friend and end it up as a husband & wife. its me zue and hub-zack..that is our well known name among our friends during our college time…
but in our family we have been call fr small till now n maybe forever is An & Apiss…hehehe.. quite funny to hear at e’ first time our mate name being call by e’ family members..
started up our life marriage on our own…no “tumpang2” luv to live alone n in our own, wif me not working yet..rely solely on my hub $, we just rented out a small apt in Damansara Damai…its really damaiiiiiii..
struggle to find a job, finally i manage to grab 1 somewhere in PJ..not too far n yet not too close..its an IT (so call) co deals as a GIS – ESRI software distributor..
my hub – as an acounts XXX in one of landscap co in SA…for past 2 yrs..