Thursday, December 30, 2010

CAFE ~ me n coffee

lurve this….eye catching to me…this place wat so call FLORA Kafe by Razak Ahmad..e’ owner of flora et cetera…

it seems almost e’ same concept with Fullhouse but i guess there must be a diffnt between these 2 boutique style restaurant –(been twice to fullhouse) should have a try here..even it will choke my pocket money but for certain reason i guess its ok!! :) AmpWalk…wait for me n Flora kafe i will come to u…..huahhhhhh 1 coffee plssssssssss

picture grab frm HERE

015 001 004

all in WHITE…clean n superb attractive dooooo, gogo english interior!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ferTILITY food

got some good info while blogreading…

While eating a healthy, balanced diet, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes is the best way to get your body in shape for a baby there are certain foods which are said to boost (or at least optimise) your fertility. By including the following foods in your own and your partners diet you can help to ensure that you are getting all the important nutrients you need to make a baby.
Whole grains
Whole grains such as oats, brown rice, whole wheat and quinoa are complex carbohydrates and so not only give you lots of energy for baby-making by releasing sugar into your blood slowly and evenly, but also contain an abundance of B and E vitamins that are essential for cellular reproduction, hormonal balance and the production of healthy ova and sperm.
Oily fish
Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are the best source of essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 and omega-6 which play an important role in regulating reproductive functioning, improving blood flow and enhancing sperm quality and mobility. Flaxseed oil is a good EFA alternative for those who don't eat fish.
Full fat dairy
Research has found that women who eat at least one portion of full fat dairy a day are significantly less likely to suffer from fertility problems that those who consistently go for low fat or non dairy options. Dairy products are also a great source of calcium which is important in the development and maintenance of the nervous system, bones and blood.
Although not typically known as a food for romance, garlic contains an abundance of fertility boosting nutrients and can easily be neutralised with parsley. It's a great source of the mineral selenium which is thought to enhance male fertility and help prevent the chromosome breakage that may play a role in early miscarriage. Garlic also contains vitamin B6 which helps to regulate hormones and strengthens the immune system.
Lean red meat
Lean red meat is a great source of iron which helps to prevent anaemia, decreases the risk of ovulatory infertility and plays a role in the production and function of red blood cells. Red meat is also a good source of vitamin B12 which is essential in the maintenance and development of the nervous system.
Honey has been used to enhance fertility throughout history as it is incredibly rich in the minerals and amino acids that nourish the reproductive system and stimulate ovarian function. It's considered by many to be a fertility boosting super food.
Spinach and other leafy greens are an excellent source of folic acid which is important in optimising sperm production, facilitating regular, healthy ova production and helping to prevent neural tube defects during early pregnancy. It is also a great source of iron and vitamin C which helps to enhance sperm quality by protecting the DNA stored within it from damage.
It is the abundance of zinc found in this seafood delicacy that gives it its fertility boosting qualities. Zinc is often considered to be the most important fertility nutrient as it has been shown to help with both healthy sperm and egg production. If oysters aren't your thing, zinc can also be found in baked beans, eggs, nuts, whole grains and pumpkin seeds.
These certainly 'spice' things up in the fertility department by increasing the flow of blood around the body, ensuring that the reproductive system gets a healthy supply. Chillies also stimulate endorphin production which means more fertility boosting, stress releasing, happy hormones circulate around your body and are also an excellent source of vitamin C which helps with iron absorption.
Avocado provides a rich source of vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and an essential fertility nutrient for both men and women as it improves the viability of sperm and helps to regulate both ovulation and the production of cervical mucus. It is also an excellent source of unsaturated fats which are essential for healthy hormone functioning, olive oil is another good vegetable source.

In general when trying for a baby it pays to go for good quality, unprocessed foods as these are likely to be much richer in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and also freer from pesticides and added oestrogens that may disrupt reproductive functioning in both men and women. By supplementing a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle with the foods listed above you will help to ensure you have all the nutrients you need to ensure your reproductive system is in optimum condition.

***try to gain some knowledge n benefit frm here..

Friday, December 24, 2010

sungguh MNARIK di ati…

after finish e’ bowling session, me n mr hub supposed to go back to our house but as usual we try to finish up our day by looking thru some warehouse sales for e’ week on e’ way i’m already hv this one stop in my mind..SSF subang HQ…looking for what??? well nothing particular…cuci mata kut…so enjoy this coz i’m really lurve it..i wish i can do it e’ same for my house..I WISH lar kan…

m_18122010465  dramatic color….so vibrant to my eyes ;p

m_18122010463  pastel all over….aaaaaaaaahhh seronotnya **

m_18122010464  cozy momentos……be carefull wif stain!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BOWLing ke longkang!!



       3 stugers…(ada betul kar itu spelling..taram ler)

m_18122010450e’ pressie 



hahaha..last week ada tournament bowling anjuran VAR Partner co saya GEOINFO. dah diinform 2 minggu sblmnya lg tp puas nak cari player coz weekend..almaklum jer lar..ramai dah plan aktiviti me tetiba nak bersosial plak kali ni…mengisi ujung minggu yg lapang n y not kan..mingle around dgn user2 ESRI ni..chewah..berapi nak minggle around kunun. leh caya ker??

so after puas email2 kat bebudak opis, dpt ler sangkut 2 guys n me n mr hub..terpaksa ajak dia coz dia yg akan tlg anta n temankan so better make him as 1 of e’ player too..baru berbaloi2 pegi…so final team frm ESRI is me, syukri wee lik n last but not least mr hub!!

hari yg ditunggu2 sampai akhirnya…tp maaf ler saya n mr hub mmg x pernah main bersama bowling ni smenjak berkahwin..hahah so kami mcm gamble jer pertaruh amatur skill jer nanti..title pun ada explain sdri faham eh..praktis mmg x der ler..syg masa n duit gitu…hehe..**kdekut** sbenornya cuma tournament ni free maka mengvolunteer kan juga ler diri ni.

tournament kat endah parade-carrefour..fulamak punya ler jauh dr umah saya ni, maka kami decide pi tidur umah mentua di ampang, dekat skit kalu pg2 nak kuar pun..coz ada niat menyimpang sblah pg utk pi warehouse sale l’oreal kat seri petaling so bila google2 map nampak 2 tempat ni berdekatan leh ar chong mr hub utk menyinggah n berbelanja skit..nak cari bedak tempek kat muka yg hampir kering kontang n eyeliner daaa..**actually dah kemaruk nak jd mcm penyanyi opera** warna2 mata n kening gitu..hahaha..ada cantik ker?? x per sdiri mau suka2 jer

gane start dlm kul 1.15camtu..ada 10 team n almost all player frm govt agencies nampak mcm pro coz masing berpakaian lengkap n ada shoe sdiri..x der pi tukar2 shoe pun mcm kami dr private ni..then siap ada bola bowling sdiri..caya arrr..semangat gitu!!

so balingan pertama dpt ler den score 9pin tp bila spare tu x pernah dpt kasi strike…ciss, tense giler…n few times gak masuk score at all..ksian…tp ok ler..balingan pertama dpt bg 9pin pun jd arr kata mr hub..tq..tq for e’ support syg!! so kami bermain dgn penuh perasaan gila2..masuk longkang, bola jatuh sblum baling pun ada ***den ler tu**, n x score langsung pun ada…snang kata kami ber4 ni masing2 ada moodnya..naik x leh maintain score mata sgt pun tp lepas ler dr 1k pint tu….apa2 pun kita layan aksi2 ni…


   me in actian..READY..

156828_1723820944814_1517084840_1752859_4843220_n mr hub tgh FOKUSS


wee lik dgn lemah lembutnya….

164605_1723821344824_1517084840_1752862_4083797_n  syukri mcm nak kejar bola tu ehhhhh

156393_1723821664832_1517084840_1752864_3232454_n dah abis games..

74659_1723822464852_1517084840_1752870_2802818_n  plague sbg participant!!

so finally kami bkn ler tempat terakhir…kami cuma..cuma..cuma daaaaaaaaaaa..OK ler tu!! so lenkali leh main lg yer kwn2 n mr hub..btw lik umah lengan masing ada skit kramp daaa akibat terjah nya session kan…x der warm up..ini ler jdnya!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

cousin WEDDING

on 5/12 me n hubby was invited to our last cousin wedding frm my mak ngah – sister to my father. so as my other siblings can’t make it so we hv decided utk jd wakil adik beradik ler….so we went to MUAR on e’ mng of saturday….we just drove in a peace slow n rush2…mcm mkn angin ler kiranya…wedding sblah pompuan x dpt dtg ler since ari sabtu tu juga so kami cuma nak pi sblah lelaki – our mak ngah side on sunday..

sunday mng tu sempat lg pi breakfast kat luar..mkn satay n lontong muar..dui sedapnya…pg2 santap satay..n jengah jap masjid muar.

m_05122010423 bah blkg muarm_05122010419 my beLOVED parents

m_05122010421 m_05122010422 m_05122010418

..bah dlm masjid..ada ruang santai utk bacaan n relax2 gitu..

so bwh ni picture2 eden dgn cousin2 n pengantin dr jarak n posisi ala kadar coz dah lama melepak kat umah mak sdara sampai dah malas nak amik2 gambar dgn pengantin…main curi2 jer …

 m_05122010426 m_05122010433 m_05122010434 m_05122010440


CONGRATS to both of them..selamat melayari bahtera rumahtangga!!

e’ TRIlogy..sensei (part 2)

Salam again

Cont lg cerita pasal sensei…since that is our 1st time getting a treatment therefore we still want to cont. therefore as usual after Friday work we went to e’ shop n see e’ doc…frm my previous consumtion of e’ herbs, perbezaannya saya selalu nak buang air besar (oopss…sori terpaksa kureng sopan skit..hikhik), kira mcm membuang toksin dlm bdn ler…coz kalu ikut normality selalunya 2/3hr sekali jer baru nak membuang herbs ni memproses sehingga ia menjadi sehari sekali n sometimes even 3 times a day…at 1st I wonder whether i’m having diarrhoea…haha coz I’m not so good in analyzing changes happen to my own body (so bad is it..).but no its not…its e’ affect of taking e’ herbs…membersih toksik2 dlm bdn

So after checkup doc kata itu satu tindakbalas yg bgus utk badan….n this time dia Nampak perubahan pd saya..katanya my jari jemari nampak lebih merah (byk darah) coz I’m e’ type yg putih pucat mcm org x cukup darah…n herbs2 ni byk membntu penambhan darah dm bdn supaya lebih bertenaga n lebih sihat…so this time doc bg lg herbs utk tambah darah lg…n cucian dalamn…n this time too I’ve being ask to monitor my body temperature every mng…actually ni kira nak tgk suhu bdn waktu subur selama 3 bln ler…so dia bg satu body temperature schedules n I juz mark ka mana2 suhu bdn yg I sukat for every mng utk 3 bln tu…I guess frm there she will analyze e’ pattern when is my fertility day…actually saya dah athu lama tp x tahu ler pernah nak buat..trasa lecehnya sgt tp bila dah kena push dgn sesorang ni..nak x nak kena lar buat juga. Then this time visit I ‘ve got 6 days nya herbs drink consumption which is 2 sachet for a day…mng n nite time. But dlm masa 6 hr tu ada terjuga saya terlepas minum sehari skali jer..coz bila kat ofis, dlm sibuk2 tu terlupa lar plak….tp tetap habiskan..almaklum utk kesihatan n its worth something for me n hubby. So this time round not even one mth another rm120 being invested…so usaha atas dunia ni mmg kena pakai duit, tp kalu usaha ikut cara kita sebagai umat islam x perlu sebanyak tu tp usaha bkn dgn satu cara…kita kena cuba pelbagai cara as long as cara tu HALAL disisiNYA.


Prescriptions dlm bhs chinese language again….

**Pasal harga yg saya tulis bkn utk membangga tp utk dishare kos yg saya tanggung bg segala effort org spt kami yg tiada zuriat bertahun lamanya…bkn utk berputus asa tp sbg pembakar semangat utk mrk yg mungkin x tahu mau bermula dr mana coz yes few yrs back saya dah cuba cara moden IUI but still fail – we do a treatment kesuburan di LPPKN n HUKM tp masih x berhasil…me n hub buntu coz doc kata kami ok tp x tahu dimana puncanya jd after that kami stop dulu almost 2 yrs but as times past by kami trasa sunyi n perasaan utk memilik zuriat dtg kembali, n this time we start wif new ways…we go for specialist yg menjd sebutan Dr Hamid Arsat, tp resultnya tetap sama..kami ok n dia suggest utk buat IUI….erm that simple shortcut for modern ways..u hv money n u want what u want so u follow our only ways..which will cost us A LOT!!! Hahaha me n hubby not satisfied coz we already done it n we want diffnt result frm diffnt doc but its still e ‘ same so y we should go for it …plus it will cost us a lot…fuuh, then we decide to do other things 1st before we proceed again for e’ same treatment. so here is e ways…which I try to share with people who hv e’ same fate with me rite now….thats all .

Monday, December 20, 2010

e’ TRIlogy..DARUSSYIFA’ (unvanished efforts)

salam…sharing is caring…erm itu jer yg tpk skrg dlm minda aku rite now…apa yg nak dishare ek…well baru teringat ttg effort kami buat rawatan dgn Darussyifa’..

nak jd citer actually dah lama pernah berckp dgn hubby nak cuba pi dptkan rawatan kaedah islamic dgn darussyifa ni tp slalu ada jer yg membantutkan rancangan kali ni saya rasa kena juga pergi..x bleh tidak..sampai bila nak postpone kan..kalu ikut halangan mmg byk, ada jer tp diri sdiri mau ingat apa yg penting n perlu didahulukan maka cari ler masa tu..bkn masa tu yg cari kita. so di satu hr hujung minggu – ahad yg lepas2 (dah x ingat tarikh) kami pi juga..

sehari sebelum aku dah siap research utk kesekian kalinya thru website mengenai darussyifa ni..tempat n kaedah rawatan mrk..all this while aku mmg x lekang baca doa mohon zuriat spt yg terdpt dlm buku doa2 rawatan penyakit keluaran dr haron din pengasas darussyifa’ ni..cuma blm tergerak ati nak pergi jer…BTW buku tu hadiah teman lama satu sek di johor yg telah berjumpa kembali akhirnya di KL ni….** thanx ana!!

i search for nearest pusat rawatan to my housing area or place which is in ada rupanya kat Tmn Rawang Perdana – kelolaan tn Hj Jantan Awang bertempat di surau Nur-Ikhwan. Saya call dulu utk mengetahui prosedur rawatan n kemungkinan keperluan yg perlu dibawa utk rawatan..alhamdullillah cuma perlu dtg sekelamin n bawa 2 btl air mineral…utk bacaan doa skit kot n buat minum – tekaan aku ler…so set kami decide pi next weekendnya which is on sunday.

details info utk cawangan darussyifa n selebihnya leh pi SINI

aku dan hubby decide pi lepas solat asar, snang skit..dah selesai sgala kalu nak bjalan pun x ler rasa susah nak singgah mana utk tunaikan yg wajib tu even rawatan dibuat kat surau tp agak leceh utk kaum hawa ni..almaklum byk yg nak ditukar pakai bila nak bersolat tu…selepas n sebelum. kami sampai dlm kul 5.30..agak tersorok perumahan ni n surau ni punya lokasi n keadaan surau pun agak x berapa terserlah. x per arr..yg penting dah sampai..kami pi daftar n amik nombor so ikut kiraan lg 15 org nya sblm turn kami so kami minta izin nak kuar pi beli air btl n mkn jap since x lunch pun so ptg dah trasa laparnya tu…

selesai mkn kami pi smula ke surau n tunggu giliran. actually style rawatan is ikut no..n di bah anjung surau ni dipasang tirai utk mengasingkan ruang2 rawatan yg ada..lebih kurang dlm 7 ruang juga dimana setiap satu ruang ada seorang perawat/ustaz yg handle…so bila no dipanggil kita masuk ler ikut ruang yg ditetapkan. smentara menunggu sempat ler juga terdengar disebalik tirai2 tu ada pesakit yg seolah2 meninggikan suara (mcm kena rasuk gitu..wallahuallam) coz darussyifa is rawatan cara islam so pelbagai penyakit leh cuba dirawat disini.. termasuk spt kami…y not cuba kan..coz mmg ler aku yakin ayat al-quran tu membantu tp siapa lar diri kita…so cuba cari y agak pakar utk bantu kita n tunjuk ajar apa yg perlu dibuat or etc, which is apa2 pun tuan bdn kena lebih kuat ler keyakinan n semangatnya kan utk setiap hajat n rawatan yg diperlukan..then baru selebihnya ALLAH yg tahu n tetapkan. redhaaaaaaaaaaaa.

sampai masa, no aku dipanggil. kami berjumpa dgn ustaz Faduri (if x silap eja..mcm tu ar namanya). Tenang n bersih wajah dia…sayu lak nak bercerita masalah kami…tp apa2 pun ianya menjadi mudah bila masalah kami disambut baik dgn sdikit intro muhasabah diri sdiri terlebih dahulu….sikit2 ustaz mula korek rahsia kami n skit2 juga dia minta kami bersabar n jgn seskali berputus asa dlm apa jua cara perubatan yg kami lakukan n yg penting jgn lupa berdoa…minta pd yg ESA. selain dr tu kami diminta buat solat taubat nasuha utk sgala keterlanjuran n dosa yg mungkin tlah dilakukan(mmg ada lakukan..almaklum kita manusia biasa..x mungkin dpt lari dr sgala dosa kan…huhu..) n pastu selalu lar bersolat hajat katanya…minta n trus minta hajat kita agar dimakbulkan…AMIN

ya mmg aku pernah buat solat hajat ni zaman2 belajar dulu..minta dimudahkan masa duk exam..jauh dr darah gemuruh n leh buat exam n ditenangkan ati ler…n smua tu dah lama…so dah lama x buat solat sunat hajat ni…erm skrg bermula ler semula ibadah aku yg spatutnya x perlu ditinggalkan even bkn diwaktu memerlukan coz x rugi pun buat perkara2 sunat ni bahkan dpt menambah pahal pd yg kurang dlm hidup ni…oooooo manusia…iaitu aku. sedih plak bila dipk kan…skrg aku cuba cari celah2 masa yg ada utk buat solat hajat..n yg pasti skrg ni hajat aku utk mendapat zuriat..solat aubat nasuha pun aku buat bila berkesempatan….taubat utk sgala dosa yg lepas  dan mudah2an sgala2 dosa n ksalahan tu x berulang. AMIN.

cont pasal nasihat ustaz..ada satu yg menyentap minda n perasaan aku waktu tu bila dia bertanya pernah ke terlintas utk dpt lambat zuriat or x mau zuriat? fuuh..berderau darah dgr..coz mmg ada berbincang dgn mr hub masa baru2 betui kahwin..almaklum saya baru bhenti kerja ikut suami ke kl..tercangak2 cari kerja so kalu bleh biar smua stabil skit baru nak on tp lpas dpt kerja n dah ready till now lum ader… atas nasihat ustaz tu, katanya even kita cuma berniat n terlintas di hati kadang2 allah tu maha kaya dia mendengar n mungkin dia tlah memakbulkan permintaan kami di saat tu…..maka skrg kami juga dinasihatkan agar x berputus asa berdoa dna memohon drNYA agar dikirniakan rezeki itu kembali.

so now on mmg saya cuba solat hajat sehari skali…n kalu dpt lebih dr tu…AMIN semoga DIA mendengar n memakbulkannya. lpas dr tu dia minta kami bawakan air tadahan hujan pd ari khamis mlm jumaat….utk apa..x pasti..yg pasti kena ler cuba dptkan..but till today x dpt2 lg air hujan mlm jumaat..cuaca mmg hujan tp x kena lar plak hr yg spt kita kali ni kami war2kan pd sdara mara n kedua ibu bapa saya utk membantu..mana ler tahu tempat mrk hujan ari tu..leh arr tlg2 tadahkan.

jd skrg tgh berusaha every week tgk ada rezeki kami tak utk dptkan air hujan ari khamis mlm jumaat ni…frm my reading dr buku haron din tu ada 7 jnis air yg leh dibawa insyaallah mujarab utk berubat tp ustaz ni nak air kami tetap akan usahakan….AMIN..mudah2an dipermudahkan segala urusan kami.

till NOW…cukup ler dulu corat coret ni. bersambung lg dilain kesempatan.

Monday, December 13, 2010

PROFEZ detergent & Softener.

hi all promo jap….sabun n softener WANGI n KEKAL wangi …pilihan kedai2 dobi.


INFO: Isi kandungan PROFEZ Detergent ini adalah 100% tumbuh-tumbuhan. Tidak mengandungi LABS seperti sabun-sabun yg terdapat dalam pasaran iaini sejenis synthetic yang bertoksid. Kandungan Minyak kelapa dan sodium membantu pakaian menjadi bersih, menghilangkan bau dan menyah kumankan pakaian yg di basuh. Mcm ayat iklan pulak... :) PH sabun kami pada tahap 12 berbanding sabun detergent dalam pasaran yg hanya memberikan PH kurang dari 10. Akan tetapi anda mesti berhati2, PH sabun yg melebihi 13 adalah merbahaya utk anda. Product ini telah melalui banyak test sebelum menjadi sabun pilihan Kedai Dobi.

Isi kandungan PROFEZ Softener ini juga adalah 100% tumbuh-tumbuhan. Dihasilkan dengan bahan asas GLYCERYL (tumbuh tumbuhan) dan bukan GALLOW (Haiwan) seperti yg terdapat di pasaran sekarang. Berada pada PH 10 dan pewangi yg tahan lama, anda akan dapati, baju anda lembut dan wangi selepas kering dan harum didalam almari. Product ini juga telah menjalani perbagai test sebelum menjadi softener yg melembutkan selepas gosok dan wangi.

for furher info on e’ products, where n how to get pls GO HERE!!

little RAYYAN BIRTHday

last 2 weeks is a birthday celebration for my niece. he’s turn 1  n another 5 mths, he will hv his own siblings ….my plan to hv an early visit to my SIL house was cancelled due to my unplanned visit of my parents…so we arrived nicely around 1pm plus n waited almost 1 hr plus too, to get almost all invited guess around n yet celebrate e’ birthday boy.

                m_27112010401 my small GIFT


m_27112010404 m_27112010405 m_27112010407 m_27112010408 m_27112010409

rayyan with his parents…n may rayyan be a good BOY to his parents n soon good bro!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

@ MELAKA - 2

cont dgn citer2 bab makan2 eh..on e’ way to melaka, x sure kat ner..yg pasti rite after our visit kat tjg bidara, we stop by at this 1 place call SAWIT Corner.

e’ place dlm kawasan ladang kelapa sawit coz surround by all e’ sawit trees ok…tp what can i say e’ place mmg ada identiti tersendiri ler even its really darn sempoi…tp makanan agak mnarik espc cendol mrk..leh top up FOC cita2 eden mmg beso nak tambah lg, tp tu lar..cita2 doesn’t mean tercapai kan..last2 x yah tambah dah terasa cukup sesangat dgn satu bowl tu mmg fabulous cendol mrk..terasa santan n gula merahnya..lurve it so much.

m_05112010245 m_05112010246


aku order..

m_05112010275 nasi kukus IKAN BAKARm_05112010267 cendol JAGUNG

dear hubby…

m_05112010270 nasi ayam HAINANm_05112010266 ABC special

lil bro n wife order..nasi kukus AYAM n laiciKANG …so total mkn utk 4 org dlm rm30++…so for me worth it lar…kenyang n memuaskan perut yg kosong n ati pun lega..


2nd day dinner – this is the place i longing for a long time, nak pi bagan lalang or jeram tak kesampaian so bila dah kat melaka ni..pergi umbai ler. we arrived there almost 7pm..asar pun x buat lg so rushing pi order all e’ foods n rushing tunaikan solat asar..(sib baik masih dlm waktu lg..fuuh :-)..then tunggu jap kasi slesai maghrib n jamak skali dgn isyak..sib baik surau berdekatan jer dgn restoran PARAMESWARA yg kami pilih tu…tp bila kuar, hubby n adik klam kabut cari tempat duduk..coz dah hujan renyai2…herm aku apa lg trus tarik meja ltak betul2 depan kaunter bayaran..peduli apa..coz situ jer yg lapang n blum ada org..then finally we manage to eat comfortably even keadaan hujan..what can i say, service mrk tip top..x yah tunggu lama2 makanan dah siap..x mcm kat jeram ..1jam lbih kena e’ time makanan sampai kami kekenyangan mkn angin jer..byk membazir..

m_06112010363 m_06112010361 m_06112010362

kami order ikan siakap tiga rasa, ketam masak berempah, udang goreng kunyit, sotong goreng tepung, lala rebus, tom yam campur + air jus buah2an…= rm150 for 4 persons…erm ok, berbaloi….

so itu jer story mory mkn2 kat melaka….

Friday, December 3, 2010


citer dah lapuk..almaklum masa deepavali nya cuti, so x per arrr, sdiri mau tulis dlm blog terchinta..

dah lama plan dgn hubby nak bjalan2 kat mlk…cuti raya lepas sempat bermalam smlman kat mlk due to hectic travelling frm phg to jhr n nak trus lik ke nilai….kami kpenatan n lastly decide utk tido di mlk jer…so sempat ler tgk bdr mlk waktu mlm…trus jatuh cinta..n we decide to hv  a proper visit skali lg.

so this is the perfect day we choose..Deepavali which fall on friday n cont with weekend off…we hv 3 days n 2 nite to stay in melaka. but this time e’ newlywed couple@lil bro is following wif dear wifey.

earlier we book a hotel which almost all hotel we prefer hv been sold out for e’ date…i wanted to stay at Avillion Legacy Melaka, coz e’ building is nice n look grande frm outside..its looks like a historic castle in e’ middle of town. however we replaced it wif NAZA Talya Hotel, a quite brand new hotel in m’sia i guess, under e’ mgmt of naza group of co….hehehe betul ka?? eden teka jer…lantak ler…itu info yg x silap aku terima dr adik ipar bebrepa thn lepas semasa dia masih bkerja dgn naza ler…hikhik..i like e’ hotel wif a modern clean cut contemporary looks, its really up to my taste n worth paying for, however they dont hv a swimming pool, so for those who loves to swim, this hotel is not fulfil ur needs.

Accommodation INFO: its a deluxe room – rm220/nite wif breakfast for 2 during weekend coz superior only come in 2 single bed jer OK!! frust skit..coz hv to pay extra for double bed ni….however bila sampai sana our room has been upgraded to junior x der lar interesting sgt pun cuma e’ room quite spacious n ada ler ready available iron n hair dryer..

visited PLACES: 1st day arrived along e’ road sempat singgah balai cerap AL-KHWARIZMI tempat tgk anak bulan, tp syg skali dah tutup coz its almos time for friday prayer, maka kami cuma snap few picture jer even x dpt masuk. e’ entrance fee if i’m not mistaken is only rm3/head.


later we proceed to pantai tanjung BIDARA coz it just along e’ strecth of e’ hiway jer..again amik2 gambar jer..nothing much, org x ramai n air laut pun x biru..view n angin yg menghembus jer yg mnarik perhatian kami..


1st nite after mkn2 di rumah mak sdara kami jln2 di bdr melaka, we go for a ride of PIRATE ship n FERRIS wheel yg located next to e’ melaka e’ view is nice espc at nite..lots of lampu warna warni plus e’ weather is quite cool coz its almost raining. e’ charge fee is rm10/head for each ride…its fun!!

then we have a nice MELAKA RIVER cruise..untill i fall asleep dlm boat tu..hahaha coz i’m not a type can wake up all nite – dah kul 11lbih masa tu n i’m a mng person k..puas my hub perli tp my eyes still cant open. some more angin yg bertiup tgh mlm buat ngantuk bertambah2..hahaha. e’ fare is rm10/head n its worth it coz its almost 1 hr boat ride wif entertainment of old songs n little bit of info abt e’ places we pass by along e’ river. hv a try beb!!

******************** TIDOR TIME*************************

2nd day.. we are heading towards alor gajah for A-Famosa Safari World. e’ fare is rm48/head including lunch set in e’ safari park. For me half a day tour in e’ park nothing much interest me other than their shows – multi animal show, wild2 west, elephant n bird show.

IMG_0131 IMG_0105

 m_06112010327 wild2 WEST show..

m_06112010331 MULTI animal show

m_06112010338 BIRD show…e’ fund raiser show too..hahaha

m_06112010359 ELEPHANT cute all e’ ephies.. ;)

nite time - actually at 1st nak naik menara taming sari on e’ 1st day arrived, tp queue punya ler pjg n e’ fare is expensive – rm20/person coz time tu leh tgk sunset..huh so cancel jer..2nd nite baru naik..they charge rm15 which supposed rm10 jer tp ada extra buahtgn iaitu air kotak n muffin satu..erm..what to say..leh arr. then lik hotel…

******************** TIDOR TIME*************************

3rd day..we checked out around sharp 12pm..on e’ way back we have a stop @ rembau n give a visit to Makam Raja Melewar n his replica musuem. we spent around 1 hr at e’ museum when there is somebody who took care of e’ museum wif open heart tell us e’ story of this Raja thanx to…ooo, ooo  i’m forgot to ask his name..dui..BTW entrance fee is free.


cont part 2 yer..nxt week…