Friday, December 29, 2006

15 minutes to chow…

hee…….another 15 minutes leh la chow…penat n mengantuk n malas..smua pun ada. This week is a tiring week…so many works all of sudden pop up with the closing of accounts and new upgrades for the software to be send out to BP…sabo jer la.
sakit blakang dibuatnya check all those upgrades…..kalu ikutkan hati nak jer based on the packing list, no need to check2 la kan…memenatkan jer buka tutup kotak ni. Slain dr tu all the order fr BP need to do urgently coz govt a/c dah nak close for this yr…so what? takkan sebab BP send PO late, aku yg kena do OT lak….!! tensionnya……….some more BP ni ingat order to US tu leh buat dlm masa seminggu jer ke…dia org pun kena check dulu price and delivery pun ada cut off day..bukan every day deliver out…kalu camtu non stop la. Now DEC byk lak public holidays, same goes to US…CHRISTMAS…long holiday gak tu….hemm puas la kena jawab call dr BP ni…..keja..keja…mkn gaji camni la ek…x per, tunggu la bila business aku bjalan nanti..chewah….angan; impian n cita2 tu mesti ada…betul tak?
okie la enough untill here…GTG…..lambat kuar lambat la sampai umah….

Thursday, July 13, 2006

DEEP inside..

Maybe its too late for somebody….but for me its still fresh…therefore would like to share some of my moments n feelings when i was there….(actually busy n plus minus malas…hehehe)
Deep inside my heart, i MISS u a lot…..i wish i will be there once again n again….pray for YOUR SERUAN n kemurahan rezeki yg KAU limpahkan, so that i can revisited your HOUSE again…
Kaabah….tersergam indah di tengah lautan manusia yg tidak putus2 mengelilinginya dengan lafaz kalimah tauhid…aduh, kagum dan amat membanggakan….tenang lagi mengasyikkan. Sesungguhnya besar sungguh ciptaanMU ya ALLAH. Ketenangan yg KAU berikan sepanjang aku berada disana tidak sama seperti disini……..ketulusan hati yg KAU kurniakan tidak sama seperti disini….kesabaran yg kurasakan dan KAU limpahkan, jauh berbeza dr di sini….ternyata RUMAH MU amat membahagiakan…..ku bersyukur diatas kesempatan dan kemurahan rezeki yg KAU kurniakan, kerananya aku berada diSANA. Semoga ia bukanlah kunjungan ku yg pertama dan terakhir, semoga ia menjadi pencetus bagi kunjungan2 yg akan datang…AMIN
21/5/06 - akhirnya sampai jua waktu bertolak even we took BIMAN Airlines but the conditions inside still the same like the others airlines….but come to my surprise when i reach dhaka - ZIA International Airport…..sad to say their airport is like 20 yrs back fr us. But what to do we hv to transit there…..reach hotel, take a rest n go for city tour. The bangladeshi people is so poor, so sad to see when the youngers are already on the road to beg for some money espc fr outsiders - tourist…. 
at ZIA International Airport - Dhaka, Bangladesh..

22/05/06 - departed to Jeddah….fr the air when we reached Jeddah, i saw how big is the airport n there are so many lights gliters in the dark, showing that the country rich of oil n affordable like us….took a bus which can accommodate 41 of us n straight to madinah; the journey took for about 2/3 hrs….once i reach madinah al-munawarrah, i can see a big city with a tallest building surrounds it….so beautiful and its becomes more beatiful when i saw Masjid Nabawi….its so damn big….
in front of Masjid Nabawi….BIG is it!!?!

check in n hv some rest after that go for ziarah….makam baqi n raudhah….but sad to say i don’t hv an opportunity to visit raudhah since i’ve been splitted fr my group…but on the 2nd day i managed to get into raudhah even hv to struggled. 3 days at madinah, i try to do a lot of solat n any ibadat also i learn new things fr my mom n the others jemaah….who have been here for their hajj.
R&R- on the way fr jeddah to madinah…he..he..not like our R&R..
25/05/06 - its time to go to mekah al-mukarramah…..hv to spend for about 7 days there…before that we stopped at Bir’Ali for umrah purposes - berniat umrah. Once i reached mekah n saw the city, its full of peoples….of course for the foreigners n maybe some local peoples they come there for umrah too…so are we…
the moment i step in the masjidil-haram, wah…..the kaabah is right in front of my eyes..standing strong and nicely covered with black cloth all over it with some Quran rites. So impressive n proud to say that i was there at last. Thank GOD for inviting me to Your House!!! The scenery so calm n terrific even every inch n edges it being fulfill by human to do their own ibadat…it does not disturb my first moment when i saw kaabah….one secret moment last forever…..

there…i manage to perform 7 times umrah….even at first its quite tiring especially your leg n foot…huuh..but after a few times n days i manage to do twice umrah in a day.
the last day came so fast….tup2 dah nak balik. That time rasa mcm x cukup jer buat ibadah but at the same time i never feel missing my sweet home so much.
All the memories while i’m there are so sweet. I’ve learnt n refresh back all the our prophet Muhammad SAW n his friends history of how them want to spread ISLAM thru out the world espc Mecca n Medina. Hmm….so hv to say goodbye KAABAH…till i see u once again!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

UMRAH @ ziarah

2 in 1..whateva it is, its still another opportunity to grab while it last..its still comes fr our own pocket $$, who said its free…nothing is FREE in this world beb…
sronotnya…………..seronoknya! well once i’ve got a confirmation that me n hubby will be going for umrah, that is the first word comes out fr my lips. BUT….umrah is not a holiday for vacation, its a visit with an activities to remembered from where we comes from and to where we go back to.
this year all started with good things hope will follow with a good news lak….
1) *FEB’06*   we moved in to our sweet home…..with some renovation fr our own pockets (PROUD to say that…he..he..)
2)*MARCH’06*  my operation was success…..result???? have to wait la….n berusaha n berserah kepadaNYA.
3)*MEI’06*  went for umrah together with my umi…..n for sure my loving hubby!!
For preparation, as this is my first time umrah, i have to learn a lot on what are the things to be done and to bring with. Two weeks is nothing there, time will pass by quickly n once u realized its already the last day of me being there, therefore i want to make sure i’ll do utilize all the time to the Almighty.
Its so scared when people told me that its CASH N CARRY over there, all the things we think in our mind n heart should be sincere and whatever we do is because of ALLAH. Juz be yourself, a little creature who went there ask for forgiveness; pray for every wishes will come true; n beribadat selagi daya……
well, will depart on 21st mei - 1055pm fr m’sia n hope the journey will be safe untill i reach the ultimate destination n same goes for the return trip on 3rd june….may God bless this journey!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


a little info or intro about it..
Endometriosis ialah sejenis penyakit yang berlaku apabila tisu endometrium (lapisan dalam dinding rahim) yang sepatutnya lucut ketika haid ‘tumbuh’ di luar rahim meliputi organ seperti ovari, tiub fallopio, ligamen dan ruang lain dalam rongga rahim. Ketika dinding rahim lucut dan dikeluarkan sebagai darah haid, lapisan endometriosis juga akan berdarah tetapi ia tidak keluar. Ini menyebabkan kawasan di sekelilingnya menjadi radang dan membentuk tisu parut.
When a woman has endometriosis, the tissue that lines her uterus, called the endometrium, grows outside of the uterus. No one is sure why this happens. When this tissue grows outside of the uterus, it is mostly found in the pelvic cavity, usually in one or more of these places: on or under the ovaries, behind the uterus, on the tissues that hold the uterus in place, or on the bowels or bladder. In very rare cases, endometriosis areas can grow in the lungs or other parts of the body. As the tissue grows, it can develop into growths, also called tumors or implants. These growths are usually benign (not cancerous) and rarely are associated with cancer. Growths can cause mild to severe pain, infertility (not being able to get pregnant), and heavy periods.
WELL………..general info n general knowledge for women out there. This is what i’m experiencing for almost a decade….upps, ya ke…he..he..Anyway i’ve been removed fr this problem. On 8 March i went for a surgery after being consulting a doctor for more than 5 visits. With a courage i decided n love fr my hubby we go thru this situation. We choose SJMC for this small surgery.
7/3/06 - Late evening i’ve admitted to the hospital. With simple preparation - i’ve go thru the major operation in my life, so this surgery is nothing much to me- but still….a few clothes n toiletries. Guess, i’ve thought of best dinner in a private hospital but suddenly they served me sandwich with milo …ha… frustrating, apa lagi masa ni la nak bmanja with hubby, ask for outside food ler…lapar daa…then instant fried rice, biscuit n milo (kotak jer…) fr 7E ready to served. OK La tu…Finish eating, visiting hrs also end….left me alone. All the checking being done, urine test, blood pressure, temperature and last - the most feared thing….blood test….x sakit but takut tgk darah. Sleep without accompany!! oopps….shaving is a must too…
ini tengah enjoy watching ASTRO…..baru admit le katakan :)sihat lagi
8/3/06; 8.00am - they came to bring me to the surgery theatre with a bed trolley…lying down with their clothe, quite nice - green checks design. Gave a bius injection n water dripping, then push me in the room. While do all the necessary things, I, myself didn’t know when i’ve got fainted…ha..ha..
Woke up, feel so sleepy…my family gave me a visit, dont know what time - but as my hubby told me they came around 11am n i already in the room. Cannot talk much, the bius is so strong. I’m really2 woke up somewhere around 6pm. Nobody is around….need to pee, luckily nurse came in to check on me. Then she help me to the bathroom since i still feel dizzy-cannot stand properly. Around 7pm dinner was served. Ask for rice but cannot go thru, instead of eating i felt like want to vomit…..huh, tensionnya.
Then again my family: hubby, parents n in laws skali visit me..untill 9pm. THANX evrybody for your care n love especially to my hubby!!!!
9/3/06 - i’m out……hooray, discharged already. Getting better. Well everything end with sucessful surgery, left only another visit to do ……so as a conclusion, according to the doc i have an endometriosis which had blocked my follopian tube. So this mihgt be one of the reason why i can’t pregnant yet. So after this whatever it is, its still depends on GOD bless plus me and my husband effort. Hope everything goes well……as what we have been hoping for more than yrs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life N Me

what to tell n what to share yup….well actually nothing much. Life after being a wife for almost three years with no children yet….(hope sooner will have 1) is quite tough…first yr is a challenging yr; getting to know each other very well, try to understand, fullfill each other needs, carry n adding more responsibilities, make new relationships, control n secure every feelings n emotions (huuh…such a tough task yet interesting!!), n etc……
2nd yr……..getting better in all those abovenmentioned situation but getting lazy in certain cases…..only my hubby know what happen to me n for sure he felt it…..sorry sayang, we do together laa all the housework….he..he..luckily he is so so understanding, everything goes smoothly n in a nice manner.
2 n 1/2 yr…..waiting, trying n hoping but yet no more. We already decided to go for what we supposed to do last yr even it costs us. Like what people say NO PAIN, NO GAIN. BABY…every married couple also wish for a same things, i guess….so do us. Therefore we determined to undertake this action in this new beginning yr. Hope this yr will bring us luck n good faith in this ‘penantian"- may ALLAH bless us.

Monday, January 30, 2006

our life begins…

married on the independence DAY!! 31 august we remarked e’ calendar for our future anniversaries to come….known for almost 5 yrs started fr KMB and cont untill UiTM…begin as a friend and end it up as a husband & wife. its me zue and hub-zack..that is our well known name among our friends during our college time…
but in our family we have been call fr small till now n maybe forever is An & Apiss…hehehe.. quite funny to hear at e’ first time our mate name being call by e’ family members..
started up our life marriage on our own…no “tumpang2” luv to live alone n in our own, wif me not working yet..rely solely on my hub $, we just rented out a small apt in Damansara Damai…its really damaiiiiiii..
struggle to find a job, finally i manage to grab 1 somewhere in PJ..not too far n yet not too close..its an IT (so call) co deals as a GIS – ESRI software distributor..
my hub – as an acounts XXX in one of landscap co in SA…for past 2 yrs..