Friday, March 24, 2006

UMRAH @ ziarah

2 in 1..whateva it is, its still another opportunity to grab while it last..its still comes fr our own pocket $$, who said its free…nothing is FREE in this world beb…
sronotnya…………..seronoknya! well once i’ve got a confirmation that me n hubby will be going for umrah, that is the first word comes out fr my lips. BUT….umrah is not a holiday for vacation, its a visit with an activities to remembered from where we comes from and to where we go back to.
this year all started with good things hope will follow with a good news lak….
1) *FEB’06*   we moved in to our sweet home…..with some renovation fr our own pockets (PROUD to say that…he..he..)
2)*MARCH’06*  my operation was success…..result???? have to wait la….n berusaha n berserah kepadaNYA.
3)*MEI’06*  went for umrah together with my umi…..n for sure my loving hubby!!
For preparation, as this is my first time umrah, i have to learn a lot on what are the things to be done and to bring with. Two weeks is nothing there, time will pass by quickly n once u realized its already the last day of me being there, therefore i want to make sure i’ll do utilize all the time to the Almighty.
Its so scared when people told me that its CASH N CARRY over there, all the things we think in our mind n heart should be sincere and whatever we do is because of ALLAH. Juz be yourself, a little creature who went there ask for forgiveness; pray for every wishes will come true; n beribadat selagi daya……
well, will depart on 21st mei - 1055pm fr m’sia n hope the journey will be safe untill i reach the ultimate destination n same goes for the return trip on 3rd june….may God bless this journey!!

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