Thursday, August 26, 2010

GAStric pain

huhu..yesterday i had this gastrik pain due to e’ drink frm tin – LONGAN syrup which i make it as a drink for breaking fast n as usual all e’ fruits inside i’m e’ one who loves longan will eat it up all w/out compromise….hahaha, but e’ effect is not immediately.
sample jerr ni (what can i say – i did not check on e’ expiry date of this can syrup) my FAULT..huhulongans
mng, i’m still manage woke up for sahur n for sure wif full of attn to fasting today. rite after finish my sahur n lepak in front of tv wif my hubby while waiting for subuh, my stomach start to feel diffnt.
perut mula rasa kembung, masuk angin n start rasa angin mencucuk…i try to rub wif balm but it doesnt workout..then dgn minyak cap kapak plak….huhu still pain is there..n its getting worst every minutes…i run frm bedroom to wahroom..feel like want to vomit but at e’ same time stomach pain is getting worst. i can’t barely stand straight..i hv to bend down..or if i’m lying down then i hv to bend in m leg…huhu..seriously pain..
hubby decide to bring me to clinic but still hv to wait around 1 hr before clinic is open….pity me. arrive there without waited long since i’m e’ only n 1st patient that mng so i’m in to c e’ doc. explain a bit n doc ask me to lying down for inspection..yes my stomach is working hard due to e’ acid. she gave me an injection to release frm e’ pain..n im willingly agreed since this is e’ only way can reduce e’ pain…so as a conclusion BATAL ler puasa eden ari ni!!! x per arr..nama pun x sihat..leh memudaratkan kalu teruskan lucky its still mng..x ler rasa rugi sgt pun…but apa2 pun kena ganti juga later on!!
therefore my plan for yesterday was cancelled – went to bank for opening a current account, collect medicine for my little niece – Ayong Raihan n see my gynae doc.
all to be postponed untill when…erm only GOD knows when it will happen coz we as human, we only can plan but GOD will grant it to happen or not. AMIN!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

air ASIA – RM1 promo

heeya..e’ excitement begins frm e’ day me n hubby manage to book e’ RM1 ticket for our vacation. Juz imagine we spent abt 3 hrs frm 12midnite till 3am to do e’ date search, booking n little of survey to e’ places we want to go.
we planned to bring my parents to Bandung n our own vacation to Hyderabad or Hong Kong. But as usual can’t manage to grab e’ rm1 ticket to bandung, but its even we check out other destination, finally we stop at siem reap in may’11 – n there is rm1 for return trip..hhahahaha..ok ler..we book for 4 adult but try to add in my PIL, since we r not sure whether they can follow or not – we put on hold for them.
angkor wat
then after 1st booking we do search for our own trip plak…jeng2 we manage to book rm1 return trip to krabi in july’11. ok that is it…must grab this opportunity since dah lama plan nak pergi this place but alwiz hv barriers…so hopfully this time everything goes smoothly.
so wait till we’ve been there…

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

apa ada lepas waktu ASAR

reading this article fwd by somebody out there. Interesting n really makes me realize will i get the chance to have this indication before i die?? only GOD knows n for sure i’ll pray i hv to experience this so that there is a time for me to bertaubat or improve my ibadah to HIM..Amin.
       Ini adalah tanda pertama dari Allah SWT kepada hambanya dan hanya akan disedari oleh mereka yang dikehendakinya. Walaubagaimanapun semua orang Islam akan mendapat tanda ini cuma samada mereka sedar atau tidak sahaja. Tanda ini akan berlaku lazimnya selepas waktu Asar. Seluruh tubuh iaitu dari hujung rambut sehingga ke hujung kaki akan mengalami getaran tau seakan-akan mengigil. Contohnya seperti daging lembu yang baru saja disembelih dimana jika diperhatikan dengan teliti kita akan mendapati daging tersebut seakan-akan bergetar.  Tanda ini rasanya lazat dan bagi mereka yang sedar dan berdetik di hati bahawa mungkin ini adalah tanda mati maka getaran ini akan berhenti dan hilang setelah kita sedar akan kehadiran tanda ini.  Bagi mereka yang tidak diberi kesedaran atau mereka yang hanyut dengan kenikmatan tanpa memikirkan soal kematian, tanda ini akan lenyap begitu sahaja tanpa sebarang munafaat.  Bagi yang sedar dengan kehadiran tanda ini maka ini adalah peluang terbaik untuk memunafaatkan masa yang ada untuk mempersiapkan diri  dengan amalan dan urusan yang akan dibawa atau ditinggalkan sesudah   mati.


Tanda ini juga akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar. Bahagian pusat kita akan berdenyut-denyut. Pada ketika ini daun yang tertulis nama kita akan gugur dari pokok yang letaknya di atas Arash Allah SWT.   Maka Malaikat Maut akan mengambil daun tersebut dan mula membuat persediaannya ke atas kita, antaranya ialah ia akan mula mengikuti kita sepanjang masa. Akan terjadi Malaikat Maut ini akan memperlihatkan wajahnya sekilas lalu dan jika ini terjadi, mereka yang terpilih ini akan merasakan seakan-akan bingung seketika. Adapun Malaikat Maut ini wujudnya cuma seorang tetapi kuasanya untuk mencabut nyawa adalah bersamaan dengan jumlah nyawa yang akan dicabutnya.


Adapun tanda ini akan diberikan hanya kepada mereka yang diuji dengan musibah kesakitan di mana orang sakit  yang tidak makan secara tiba-tiba ianya berselera untuk makan.


Pada ketika ini akan terasa denyutan di bahagian tengah dahi kita iaitu diantara dahi Kanan dan kiri. Jika tanda ini dapat dikesan maka berpuasalah kita selepas itu supaya   perut kita tidak mengandungi banyak najis dan ini akan memudahkan urusan orang yang akan memandikan kita nanti. Ketika ini juga mata hitam kita tidak akan bersinar lagi dan bagi orang yang sakit hidungnya akan perlahan-lahan jatuh dan ini dapat dikesan jika kita melihatnya dari bahagian sisi. Telinganya akan layu dimana bahagian hujungnya akan beransur-ansur masuk ke dalam. Telapak kakinya yang terlunjur akan perlahan-lahan jatuh ke depan dan sukar ditegakkan.


Akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar di mana kita akan merasakan satu denyutan di sebelah belakang iaitu di kawasan ubun-ubun di mana ini menandakan kita tidak akan sempat untuk menemui waktu Asar keesokan harinya.


Akan berlaku keadaan di mana kita akan merasakan satu keadaan sejuk di bahagian pusat dan ianya akan turun ke pinggang dan seterusnya akan naik ke bahagian halkum. Ketika ini hendaklah kita terus mengucap kalimah syahadah dan berdiam diri dan menantikan kedatangan malaikatmaut untuk menjemput kita kembali kepada Allah SWT yang telah menghidupkan kita dan sekarang akan mematikan pula.  Sesungguhnya mengingati mati itu adalah bijak.

5th day FASTING

well since this yr fasting mth start on weekdays therefore as usual i’ll be doing my shopping for breaking fast like previous yr…beli jer…no time to cook as i reach home around 6pm. some more it just 2 of us…we prefer buy outside food n take back to our home sweet home. save!
but for weekend, after coming back frm my in-law house i do some cooking frm the fresh sea food she brought all e’ way frm KK which is ikan kerapu, tenggiri n few big squid. i’m so excited to cook all that..but for that day i’m juz manage to do ikan kerapu sweet sour n fried squid for breaking fast while sotong masak kicap for sahur…simple. not to forget i fried a home made curry puff which was made during my stay at my in-law house.
 m_IMG_3062 m_IMG_3065m_IMG_3063 m_IMG_3064
so wait until next weekend for another cooking story…hahaha. working lady is like that i guess… ;-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

inJUSTICE being an ISLAM

received an email about this….interesting n how true this happen to us..sad but its true!! renung2kan lar..
Email scanned and protected by IRONPORT-250

Friday, August 13, 2010

Refresh: yg PERGI & yg TINGGAL

Al Fatihah to my dear grandma(father side) n grandfather (mother side) who passed away somewhere in e’ half yr of 2010.
Tok ilah (grandma) passed away at e’ age of 86 – sakit tua..well she has been sick for a long time already..lying on the bed all e’ time n nothing can be done by her anymore..rarely speaks n most of e’ time she’s sleeping – resting i guess n e’ most common things when e’ old people fall sick is when they barely can’t recognize their own sad..all e’ memories has been taken away. wonder what left with them if they hardly cant remember their own flesh…
Tok Ayah (grandfather) passed away at e’ age of 100…i still remember in one fine day where we the siblings plan to do some kenduri kesyukuran for him as he reach 100yrs old ..but plan is left as plan…its not happening due to some reason. time goes by, he felt sick…few weeks in hosp pekan n when he came back, i did told my husband we need to visit him as we are not manage to visit him while he in hosp….BUT due to my laundry staff prob..we delay and e’ same day which i supposed to go back visiting him…i got the news he passed away. really make me sad n regret with what happen…i blame it on my laundry staff who is doing last minute resigning decision w/out notice which affect my schedules. GILA marah masa ni!!! but REDHA..we rushing back to my hometown n manage to cactch e’ last moment to kiss arwah goodbye!!
26922_109857565711112_100000606066266_139040_6697160_n arwah with wife..
Semoga kedua2 roh atuk ku dicucuri rahmat n tergolong dikalangan org2 yg beriman..AMIN.
miss both of them..i’m left with only 1 grandma frm my mom side (as per picture) n she’s getting old. semoga dipanjangkan umurnya.

Refresh: lil BRO engagement

my bro engagement in mac’10…i think school holiday is a wedding/engagement holiday n there full of wedding/engage invitation n for me as a part-time wedding gift deco it keeps me bz too…
for my bro i did last minute shopping for her hantaran deco..i opt to use fresh orchids which is ez to get frm my nearby nursery at my housing area…so mng b4 we make a move, i’ll stop by at nursery to collect my order.
m_IMG_2043 m_IMG_2045
reach my hometown in afternoon around 2pm..having lunch n get ready to deco all e’ hantaran…fuuh lucky i have my sisters around to help n also my dear niece tukang menyibuk n bertanya byk…
so e hantaran looks like this larrrrrr ..yg orkid tu yerr
this hantaran will go to CHINI…hahaha..jauhnya perjalanan frm pekan to chini..around 2 hrs journey…hope e’ freshness can last long.
after engagement ceremony, we had our lunch with curry chicken, ikan keli berlada, sambal belacan n fried vegie. SUPERB…tasty..lapar n kena dgn tekak..cuma x teringat nak tambah nasi jer..coz x tahan panas plak…sweating giler.
m_IMG_2116 m_IMG_2115
BTW ni ler adik den n fiancee… SEMOGA BERKEKALAN hingga jinjang pelamin….


talking about this subject..juz wanna say that finally i manage to bought new hp for me – a gift frm my beloved hubby. TQ so much..even e’ old one is still functioning well but its time to change to get along wif e’ IT world nowdays. e’ old one will be keep in a safety box (hahaha) in my personal drawer!!
what can i say, i still luv to hv e’ old one due to its physically strong – hahaha..bepa kali jatuh pun masih berfungsi dgn baik, x pernah meragam..even e’ fucntion mmg lar jauh baik yg baru, but still it has been servicing me for almost 5 yrs i guarantee most of people outside there susah nak keep handset lama2 kan…so for me not..i’m not into e’ hi-tech world so i dont mind using old one as long as its still fullfill my needs.
m_IMG_3046 m_IMG_3044
new one – i ‘ve juz choose not so latest in market but since i don’t prefer e’ touch screen which is for me its susah n e’ feel is not there, therefore i choose to hv NOKIA E72 white edition!! erm i guess this color goes for ladies specifically…don't u all think so?? so soft n clean color..after 1 week of using it i’m still not good wif all e’ functions. in process of learning n adapting…so many buttons n applications which is useful but not yet utilised by me..huhu plus it comes with bluetooth set…but for sure i’m not going to use it..coz my ear is covered wif my hijab…hehehe
however e’ most i like abt this white version is its tali apa ek yg tergantung tu…haha..cantik sgt, mcm bracelet n it was like it made frm a sea shell…CANTIK!!
m_IMG_3048 m_IMG_3047
for a laptop – i pass the responsibility to my hubby since he good in IT he knew what is good for our usage…so it means we r sharing it..sharing is CARING!!  hehehe then…here is our new laptop LENOVO..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new BUSS

hi all…pls have a visit to my new online buss pro-FITtings wardrobe
few items have been upload n few more to come…!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


hi all..ramadhan comes again…still pending few post for past event or activities but i guess its not so important..everything can be refresh n backdated is it..hehehe. NoW would like to welcome this blessing month 1st…
this is my 7th Ramadhan wif my hubby n only 2 of us!! erm anyhow i’m glad there is still me alive to perform this great ibadah in all healthy condition. so for people out there..may this Ramadhan wif a lot of opportunity n rewards, we take it seriously n perform it in a right way n open heart…may ALLAH accept all our ibadah….
buat SEMUA
T anpa Disedari
11 bulan
banyak kata sudah diucapkan dan dilontarkan
tak semua menyejukkan,
11 bulan
banyak perilaku yang sudah dibuat dan diciptakan
tak semua menyenangkan,
11 bulan
banyak keluhan, kebencian dan kemarahan
saatnya istirahat dalam "perjalanan dunia"
saatnya membersihkan jiwa yang berjelaga,
saatnya menikmati indahnya kemurahanNya
saatnya memahami makna pensucian diri
Selamat menunaikan Ibadah Puasa
bersama kita leburkan kekhilafan,
Semoga dengan puasa mempertemukan kita
dengan Keagungan Lailatul Qadar
dan kita semua menjadi pilihanNya
untuk dikabulkan do'a - do'a
dan kembali menjadi fitrah

ANDAI INI RAMADHAN YANG TERAKHIR andai kau tahu ini Ramadhan terakhir
tentu siangnya engkau sibuk berzikir
tentu engkau tak akan jemu melagukan syair rindu
mendayu..merayu. ..kepada- NYA Tuhan yang satu
andai kau tahu ini Ramadhan terakhir
tentu solatmu kau kerjakan di awal waktu
solat yang dikerjakan.. .sungguh khusyuk lagi tawadhu'
tubuh dan qalbu...bersatu memperhamba diri
menghadap Rabbul Jalil... menangisi kecurangan janji
"innasolati wanusuki wamahyaya wamamati lillahirabbil 'alamin"
[sesungguhnya solatku, ibadahku, hidupku, dan matiku...
kuserahkan hanya kepada Allah Tuhan seru sekalian alam]
Namun teman...
tak akan ada manusia yang bakal mengetahui
apakah Ramadhan ini merupakan yang terakhir kali bagi dirinya
yang mampu bagi seorang hamba itu hanyalah
berusaha...bersedia ...meminta belas-NYA

W ahai tuhan ku tak layak ke syurgamu ... namun tak pula aku sanggup ke Nerakamu ... kami lah hamba yang mengharap belas darimu "ya allah jadikan lah kami hamba2 mu yang bertaqwa..ampunkan dosa2 kami kedua ibubapa kami .dosa semua umat2 islam yang masih hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia" Amin.....

andai benar ini Ramadhan terakhir buat saya
Saya pohonkan kemaafan di atas segala kesilapan & dosa-dosa yang lalu. Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini akan menjadi 'ibadah puasa YANG TERBAIK & YANG PALING IKHLAS yang pernah kita lakukan. Semoga 'ibadah puasa kita pada tahun ini juga akan diberkati & diterima oleh ALLAH s.w.t.. InsyaAllah.
Salam Ramadhan