Friday, August 13, 2010

Refresh: yg PERGI & yg TINGGAL

Al Fatihah to my dear grandma(father side) n grandfather (mother side) who passed away somewhere in e’ half yr of 2010.
Tok ilah (grandma) passed away at e’ age of 86 – sakit tua..well she has been sick for a long time already..lying on the bed all e’ time n nothing can be done by her anymore..rarely speaks n most of e’ time she’s sleeping – resting i guess n e’ most common things when e’ old people fall sick is when they barely can’t recognize their own sad..all e’ memories has been taken away. wonder what left with them if they hardly cant remember their own flesh…
Tok Ayah (grandfather) passed away at e’ age of 100…i still remember in one fine day where we the siblings plan to do some kenduri kesyukuran for him as he reach 100yrs old ..but plan is left as plan…its not happening due to some reason. time goes by, he felt sick…few weeks in hosp pekan n when he came back, i did told my husband we need to visit him as we are not manage to visit him while he in hosp….BUT due to my laundry staff prob..we delay and e’ same day which i supposed to go back visiting him…i got the news he passed away. really make me sad n regret with what happen…i blame it on my laundry staff who is doing last minute resigning decision w/out notice which affect my schedules. GILA marah masa ni!!! but REDHA..we rushing back to my hometown n manage to cactch e’ last moment to kiss arwah goodbye!!
26922_109857565711112_100000606066266_139040_6697160_n arwah with wife..
Semoga kedua2 roh atuk ku dicucuri rahmat n tergolong dikalangan org2 yg beriman..AMIN.
miss both of them..i’m left with only 1 grandma frm my mom side (as per picture) n she’s getting old. semoga dipanjangkan umurnya.

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