Friday, August 13, 2010


talking about this subject..juz wanna say that finally i manage to bought new hp for me – a gift frm my beloved hubby. TQ so much..even e’ old one is still functioning well but its time to change to get along wif e’ IT world nowdays. e’ old one will be keep in a safety box (hahaha) in my personal drawer!!
what can i say, i still luv to hv e’ old one due to its physically strong – hahaha..bepa kali jatuh pun masih berfungsi dgn baik, x pernah meragam..even e’ fucntion mmg lar jauh baik yg baru, but still it has been servicing me for almost 5 yrs i guarantee most of people outside there susah nak keep handset lama2 kan…so for me not..i’m not into e’ hi-tech world so i dont mind using old one as long as its still fullfill my needs.
m_IMG_3046 m_IMG_3044
new one – i ‘ve juz choose not so latest in market but since i don’t prefer e’ touch screen which is for me its susah n e’ feel is not there, therefore i choose to hv NOKIA E72 white edition!! erm i guess this color goes for ladies specifically…don't u all think so?? so soft n clean color..after 1 week of using it i’m still not good wif all e’ functions. in process of learning n adapting…so many buttons n applications which is useful but not yet utilised by me..huhu plus it comes with bluetooth set…but for sure i’m not going to use it..coz my ear is covered wif my hijab…hehehe
however e’ most i like abt this white version is its tali apa ek yg tergantung tu…haha..cantik sgt, mcm bracelet n it was like it made frm a sea shell…CANTIK!!
m_IMG_3048 m_IMG_3047
for a laptop – i pass the responsibility to my hubby since he good in IT he knew what is good for our usage…so it means we r sharing it..sharing is CARING!!  hehehe then…here is our new laptop LENOVO..

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