Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tropicale COLMAR

is it rite or the other way round??? wateva larr as long as it sounds almost e’ same …hehehe
dont know wat to do wif our weekend so we decide to go to bkt tinggi, after it has been open for yrs, then we decide to giv a day trip to that place, this is bcoz my hubby has been there b4 our marriage wif his nephews.
we used e’ old road fr btg kali which is e’ road is not so bz wif cars n FOC frm toll. we passed by genting highland cabel car centre n wat can i said its a short journey fr our house which is located in bdr tasik puteri, rawang.
arrived there around 10am, having some breakfast in e’ car – cost saving coz need to spend $ when enter certain park in this area…so juz want to berjimat jerr…
IMGP0733 IMGP0735 in front of e’ japanese park entrance…
IMGP0725 IMGP0723 

IMGP0761e’ donkey is so timid..hehehe pegang jer, x naik pun, not enuf confident to ride this donkey..wonder if their backbone is strong to hold human weight..but history said so….
at e’ rabbit park which is rite in front of e’ donkey barn…very timid but lincah tau..


e’ flower is so nice..blooming nicely n beautifully…geram sgt!!