Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life N Me

what to tell n what to share yup….well actually nothing much. Life after being a wife for almost three years with no children yet….(hope sooner will have 1) is quite tough…first yr is a challenging yr; getting to know each other very well, try to understand, fullfill each other needs, carry n adding more responsibilities, make new relationships, control n secure every feelings n emotions (huuh…such a tough task yet interesting!!), n etc……
2nd yr……..getting better in all those abovenmentioned situation but getting lazy in certain cases…..only my hubby know what happen to me n for sure he felt it…..sorry sayang, we do together laa all the housework….he..he..luckily he is so so understanding, everything goes smoothly n in a nice manner.
2 n 1/2 yr…..waiting, trying n hoping but yet no more. We already decided to go for what we supposed to do last yr even it costs us. Like what people say NO PAIN, NO GAIN. BABY…every married couple also wish for a same things, i guess….so do us. Therefore we determined to undertake this action in this new beginning yr. Hope this yr will bring us luck n good faith in this ‘penantian"- may ALLAH bless us.