Tuesday, July 27, 2010

INFO – fraser hill

terlupa pula nak bg info abt fraser hill yg i pi berehat weekend lepas..mana lar tau ada yg nak pi..so leh arr amik info2 ni:
ini utk hotel yg i duduk larr..PUNCAK inn under PKBF. bg i hotel ni mnarik coz location nya mmg tgh small town tu..tempat tumpuan org bila sampai sini. if bungalow2 resort tu, i dapati  ianya terletak jauh dr centre n kedalam..pastu surrounding pun x mnarik..gak SCARY for me…mlm terlalu senyap..dah ler jln2 dia kbanyakkan lampu x berfungsi..ksian…so this hotel is soething affordable, attractive, in good location…if not pun i leh promote is SHAHzan INN…hotel ni lak mmg facing pdg golf area….
utk yg naik kuda tu – rega for kids rm4/round, adult rm5/round and kalu x silap yg nak naik berdua  (kids + parents) – rm6/round..i GUESS larr..lupa dah ooi.. eden dah tua..kuikui
boat ride lak..mmg satu boat rm6/15min ride..x kisah ar org tua or bebudak..tp better budak naik dgn org tua ..takut x reti nak reverse plak boat tu bila sampai certain penghujung tasik yg sunyi sepi tu….huhu..mcm tasik mati larrr…takut gak dlm ati kalu tgk keliling hutan semak kan!! n CALM Water….fuuh..naik meremang gak bulu tengkok eden…
so tu lar info kat man u all leh korek…

Monday, July 26, 2010

weeKEND holiDAY – fraser HILL

Last Friday we went to fraser hill for a short weekend vacation as per planned. We arrive at e’ base of the hill around 12.15 b4 we are allowed to go up e’ hill which fraser hill have a schedule to goes up n down due to its small road – one way a t a time n cannot stop in e’ middle between e’ two gates is a must. Waiting for about 30min, sharp 1pm e’ gates to goes up is open…so cont e’ journey another 30 min.
By the time I can feel the cool wind of e’ surrounding air…it is bcoz I cant stand in a cool weather so much…I guess I don’t have e’ FAT@lemak in my body..hahaha. we checked in to our hotel at 1.30pm….deng2..e’ room…oh..oh..well e’ room is quite small actually which is really2 can occupy only 1 queen bed, a 2 door wardrobe, tv shelve n make-up area…huhu..n all I thinking about is where a place to solat if like this….see e’ kiblat sign n estimate e’ area…huh it seem e’ area will be rite in front of our room door which we also used to bring our shoes in….e’ toilet is small too…its fit only the sink n e’ toilet seat…!!! Hahaha…for a std room rm110 wif b/fast..i guess its ok larr….but there is no ASTRO yer….n e’ only channel available is TV1, TV2 n TV3!!
m_IMG_2944 m_IMG_2897 m_IMG_2899 m_IMG_2900
2 hrs later we went out for lunch…looking for a normal restaurant further up at e’ fraser food area. There is not much people coz its Friday…n the stall available is not much variety too…we choose to have mix rice which cost us rm18 for 2….quite expensive is it even e’ dish we took is a simple one – fried fish, sayur bayam, sambal sotong n fried chicken…finish n back to hotel. RESTING time.
In the afternoon we woke up n hv a little bit of viewing by rounding the areas…not much activities since its already 6pm n most all of e’ place is closed…furthermore its weekdays, not much tourist. They close early. We lepak in e area rite infront of our hotel but the weather indicates 19degrees…fuuh sejuk sgt for me..i’m shivering outside n few minutes there we decide to walk back to e’ room..rest n relax!!
Sat 24/7/10 – we woke up as usual n went down for breakfast at 7.30pm…ya..e’ breakfast buffet also started at 7.30am actually..lucky we not going down so early. The menus is simple, nasi lemak, mee+bihun goring, bubur nasi n for sure roti daaa..what can I say about their cook is so n so bcoz the nasi lemak was not well cook – jelantah..huh..most of its food tawar..dont sure y..i guess all the taste gone with the cool weather..the chef not able to taste ritefully..me n hubby frustrated.
After the b’fast we went for day activities which is horse riding..e’ fees is quite cheap – rm5/round for adult n I go for 2 rounds. e’ horse I ride on is called 3 star…this is my 1st horse riding..curious to try on..n its quite interesting for me. My hubby only ride for 1 round – gayat katanya..but I like!!
Heading towards boat ride – rm6/boat for 15min..reasonable but e lake seem so calm n not so attractive for me to spend time a lot in e’ boat…scary coz e’ surrounding is full with dead trees n falling down branches n leaves. Anyhow we spent around 30min too..then we heading towards our hotel n ready to check out…
m_IMG_2943 m_IMG_2936
so ADIOS to fraser hill!! below view frm my hotel room…

piliHAN ku..

my order arrive…my tudung larrr..waited for 3 days only n its finally reached me safely…without any patience i opened it up…herm the material is nice – very lite n cool…its nicely drop when we wear it..my guess..without waiting further, i went to e’ washroom, give it a try..lucky the awning nicely stood up on my head but..BUT the cutting is quite big for me..skinny pinny people..huhu..so its fall untill my shoulder..this is not my actuall size for this kind of tudung but wat to do..paid n ready to wear lorr.
i’m asking the seller y the size is quite big..espc for a person like me..is it only available 1 size? the answer is YES…only size M they are selling but sad to say it doesn't mention in the blog about the size n measurement for it..so quite disappointed. thinking of buying some more tudung frm this blog but hv to hold…
wher lar i can find this kind of good quality tudung with size S or at least a bit less 2’inch for its length n width…Apa2 pun tetap suka!! i LIKE!!
m_IMG_2914  m_IMG_2901
any suggestion kat na leh dpt corak cantik n rega resonable?? if can less than rm35 ..hikhik

Monday, July 19, 2010

washingMACHINE ku ROSAK!!

last sunday after i’m back frm my MIL house, i hv plan to do some of housework which pending due to e’ unplanned event which is visiting my MIL house last nite..this is all b’coz the house being break in by somebody…huuh lucky nothing was spotted lost…cuma baju2 smua terkeluar almari u…
back to e’ title…ha..e’ machine has been in service wif me since e’ 1st week after i’ve got married n its a present frm my MOTHER..huhu, so its already with me for about 6 yrs plus. give me a good n better service all e’ time..never let me down…but  2 mths back its start comes out water once its a rinse time…my hubby said it only bcoz of its pipe is leaking..need to change later but till yesterday never change n all of sudden the START button is not functioning, e’ rest of e’ button still ok so i’m bit frustrated…it shows that its still ok only e’ start button having some prob.
so apa lg..i tekan n terus tekan untill the cover koyak u…hahaha n bila i tekan lg, trus button tu terjatuh ke dlm…huhu ksiannya dia..trus x leh pakai..erm now x sure sama ada nak anta repair or beli baru..but i hv decide if it cost me half frm new washing machine then i will just let it go..buy new one..aiming for front load (but it quite expensive)..so herm c e’ budget 1st.

TOSHIBA rm869.00 jerr
LG  rm2099.00  hahaha..mahal nya!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

weeKEND holiDAY

few days surfing e’ internet looking for few place to spend for next weekend..sajer jer..feel like its time to hv a break frm work n shop headache..not for long holiday pun, juz for 2 days 1 night vacation somewhere near to KL n our house. so few listed places was in my plan:
bagan lalang – feel like want to eat seafood coz its quite famous for sea food but the only hotel available is seri malaysia which only hv family room – cost me rm165 for weekend. huh..for what e’ family room if its only for 2 of us..such a waste…erm..so..CANCEL
genting highland – love the theme park rides…but i’m planning for rest n relax holiday – peace of mind not full of excitement with lots of adrenalins hormon involve..hehe
fraser hill – herm peaceful place but hv been there nothing much to do n visit..really2 rest n relax…a very small town to lepak2.
bukit tinggi – hv been there too..few places to visit n quite big area to cover in 1 day if u r really want to enjoy it…thinking of having horse riding..mcm mnarik kan..x pernah naik kuda lorrr
after few days of searching n deciding we came up with absolute decision – fraser hill *peace* that is our aim..time to rest n relax!! so wait for e’ next entry for more info on this place.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

onLINE shopping

alkisah…lot of time already sneaking in to this blog..http://asteriskboutique.blogspot.com/e’ tudung collections really attracts me..but in term of pricing..well quite expensive, BTW when i’m considering of my time cost n travelling cost to go n buy at e’ famous jln TAR..everything goes reasonable. yes..worth it to buy n to TRY..coz this is gonna be my 1st online shopping..NERVOUS u…takut kena tipu n takut bila dah dpt, its not satisfy me n out of my expectation..huhu..
i would like to have few patterns scarf to be add in my personal collections coz i have only 1 rite now…so need to hv more to be wear wif my plain shirt or blouse….so i decide to hv blue n pink, however e’ pink scarf design n color was not so in to me – cancel. change to green…
so below is my choices of design for those 2 colors: BLUE
**gambar dah kena delete oleh tuan blog…i x simpan lak dlm my comp..so like that lorrr**

so which one did i choose??? jeng2…

my ORDER..

pay here n there…PSB still left few $ in account..so its time to shop..furthermore my colleague is going to US for e’ UC2010 conference..so i’m thinking of placing few things to be bought frm there since everybody is saying CHEAP!! apa yg cheap..i’m not going to spend a lot on branded item which i’m not really like n afford so..i go for GUESS brand jer. the order goes to Emily..she’s been there under co buss for a lot of time..no need to count, n she herself dah bored tau..huhu sronotnya if i lar yg leh replace her to go..…so below are some of e’ item i pesan..
guess 3 guess-newyorkbag
GUESS watch for hubby n GUESS handbag for me….budget for both USD90 jer…hahaha can get??? get it or not..we wait untill next entry….

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

annual VITAMIN-A & vitamin B

these past few days me n colleague is focusing on our main topic during lunch hr…apa lg kalu bukan pasal vit-A (salary ADJUSTment) n vit-B (bonus). have been waiting patiently since finish e’ auditing process in apr’10 but till end of june..tup2 salary comes out like normal figure – no difference at all…sedih lar kan..for me frm accounts dept i know audit is done, so its time like previous yr, PSB will be declared around june salary but when its not come true..everybody keep asking me…prediction is all around the topic…ksian lar plak…me, myself don’t bother so much..it doesn’t mean that i dont want but i’m thinking its good too if get it late so i can spend n save it for raya time..hahaha..
finally early july after our salary comes out, i overheard frm Mr DB boustead has approved the PSB…hehehe, here it comes. my ladyboss quite bz after that…even she did’nt inform me but i know already frm her actions…ACTION speaks LOUDER than words maaaa…so patiently waited untill its really confirm than i brek out e’ news to my dear eagerly officemates…HAPPY ler..
but frm what my ladyboss said, don't expect more, expect less or e’ same as last yr…this is due to our co is not achieved our last fin yr target sales…huhu, so for me ok lar than nothing…but still hoping for e’ best..at least like previous yr..which really2 can help in this kind of situation rite now!! $$$$
so e’ PSB doc is ready to go out for final approval…patiently waited for 2 days n finally its back, me n ladyboss when to e’ bank for submission. comes back as usual e’ one to one session being carried on by Mr DB…blah2..daa2..here is ur PSB..JENG!!! a bit sad but still berSYUKUR wif e’ news..its help a lot…even what i get is lower than previous yr but i notice i get more frm this co every yr..cannot expect e’ same frm other co if move to others….it can be good or bad but frm my experience..3mths n above PSB is good enuf for pvt small co like mine.
now waiting for e’ vit A plak…hopes it gives more motivation since last yr for e’ 1st time in my career life in this co, there is no salary adjustment..(increament lar…)..PRAY for e’ best…am i staying??? hahaha….still blank!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dear BLOG

it has been a yr i did not post any updates in here..actually this is more towards my daily life activities but i guess its all depends on ur will n interest about writing..if u r really into it so ur dearie blog will be interesting n full of posting..wateva e’ title or u want to talk about..all can be done.
for me, its all about e’ mood n will….not about my interest n patient coz this is not into me so much…that is Y…my blog is like THIS!!! :-)
BTW now i’m trying to put back some effort in writing…blog writing..fill in the emptiness in my life n looking for some time in my busiest days…maybe this can help to cheer up my routine. therefore i guess if really i want to write about everythings happen in my daily life i need to have this 2 items:
  • lite n ez to carry laptop..
  • new h/p wif camera..(i’m having old one but its life last long..i guess old one is better in term of life span even not hi-tech) jatuh lar mcm mana pun still function u!!
                                edb9d4f1400ed690 c4a840cf2f6242cc
then i can be actively snap here n there n upload n write about it…hehehe. so wish my wish list comes true this yr!!