Monday, July 19, 2010

washingMACHINE ku ROSAK!!

last sunday after i’m back frm my MIL house, i hv plan to do some of housework which pending due to e’ unplanned event which is visiting my MIL house last nite..this is all b’coz the house being break in by somebody…huuh lucky nothing was spotted lost…cuma baju2 smua terkeluar almari u…
back to e’ title…ha..e’ machine has been in service wif me since e’ 1st week after i’ve got married n its a present frm my MOTHER..huhu, so its already with me for about 6 yrs plus. give me a good n better service all e’ time..never let me down…but  2 mths back its start comes out water once its a rinse time…my hubby said it only bcoz of its pipe is leaking..need to change later but till yesterday never change n all of sudden the START button is not functioning, e’ rest of e’ button still ok so i’m bit frustrated…it shows that its still ok only e’ start button having some prob.
so apa lg..i tekan n terus tekan untill the cover koyak u…hahaha n bila i tekan lg, trus button tu terjatuh ke dlm…huhu ksiannya dia..trus x leh pakai..erm now x sure sama ada nak anta repair or beli baru..but i hv decide if it cost me half frm new washing machine then i will just let it new one..aiming for front load (but it quite expensive) herm c e’ budget 1st.

TOSHIBA rm869.00 jerr
LG  rm2099.00  hahaha..mahal nya!!

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