Monday, July 26, 2010

weeKEND holiDAY – fraser HILL

Last Friday we went to fraser hill for a short weekend vacation as per planned. We arrive at e’ base of the hill around 12.15 b4 we are allowed to go up e’ hill which fraser hill have a schedule to goes up n down due to its small road – one way a t a time n cannot stop in e’ middle between e’ two gates is a must. Waiting for about 30min, sharp 1pm e’ gates to goes up is open…so cont e’ journey another 30 min.
By the time I can feel the cool wind of e’ surrounding air…it is bcoz I cant stand in a cool weather so much…I guess I don’t have e’ FAT@lemak in my body..hahaha. we checked in to our hotel at 1.30pm….deng2..e’ room…oh..oh..well e’ room is quite small actually which is really2 can occupy only 1 queen bed, a 2 door wardrobe, tv shelve n make-up area…huhu..n all I thinking about is where a place to solat if like this….see e’ kiblat sign n estimate e’ area…huh it seem e’ area will be rite in front of our room door which we also used to bring our shoes in….e’ toilet is small too…its fit only the sink n e’ toilet seat…!!! Hahaha…for a std room rm110 wif b/fast..i guess its ok larr….but there is no ASTRO yer….n e’ only channel available is TV1, TV2 n TV3!!
m_IMG_2944 m_IMG_2897 m_IMG_2899 m_IMG_2900
2 hrs later we went out for lunch…looking for a normal restaurant further up at e’ fraser food area. There is not much people coz its Friday…n the stall available is not much variety too…we choose to have mix rice which cost us rm18 for 2….quite expensive is it even e’ dish we took is a simple one – fried fish, sayur bayam, sambal sotong n fried chicken…finish n back to hotel. RESTING time.
In the afternoon we woke up n hv a little bit of viewing by rounding the areas…not much activities since its already 6pm n most all of e’ place is closed…furthermore its weekdays, not much tourist. They close early. We lepak in e area rite infront of our hotel but the weather indicates 19degrees…fuuh sejuk sgt for me..i’m shivering outside n few minutes there we decide to walk back to e’ n relax!!
Sat 24/7/10 – we woke up as usual n went down for breakfast at 7.30pm…ya..e’ breakfast buffet also started at 7.30am actually..lucky we not going down so early. The menus is simple, nasi lemak, mee+bihun goring, bubur nasi n for sure roti daaa..what can I say about their cook is so n so bcoz the nasi lemak was not well cook – jelantah..huh..most of its food tawar..dont sure y..i guess all the taste gone with the cool weather..the chef not able to taste n hubby frustrated.
After the b’fast we went for day activities which is horse riding..e’ fees is quite cheap – rm5/round for adult n I go for 2 rounds. e’ horse I ride on is called 3 star…this is my 1st horse riding..curious to try on..n its quite interesting for me. My hubby only ride for 1 round – gayat katanya..but I like!!
Heading towards boat ride – rm6/boat for 15min..reasonable but e lake seem so calm n not so attractive for me to spend time a lot in e’ boat…scary coz e’ surrounding is full with dead trees n falling down branches n leaves. Anyhow we spent around 30min too..then we heading towards our hotel n ready to check out…
m_IMG_2943 m_IMG_2936
so ADIOS to fraser hill!! below view frm my hotel room…

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  1. wawaw kemain layie koo erkkk .. jalan sakan .. :)