Monday, July 26, 2010

piliHAN ku..

my order arrive…my tudung larrr..waited for 3 days only n its finally reached me safely…without any patience i opened it up…herm the material is nice – very lite n cool…its nicely drop when we wear guess..without waiting further, i went to e’ washroom, give it a try..lucky the awning nicely stood up on my head but..BUT the cutting is quite big for me..skinny pinny its fall untill my shoulder..this is not my actuall size for this kind of tudung but wat to do..paid n ready to wear lorr.
i’m asking the seller y the size is quite big..espc for a person like it only available 1 size? the answer is YES…only size M they are selling but sad to say it doesn't mention in the blog about the size n measurement for quite disappointed. thinking of buying some more tudung frm this blog but hv to hold…
wher lar i can find this kind of good quality tudung with size S or at least a bit less 2’inch for its length n width…Apa2 pun tetap suka!! i LIKE!!
m_IMG_2914  m_IMG_2901
any suggestion kat na leh dpt corak cantik n rega resonable?? if can less than rm35 ..hikhik

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