Wednesday, July 14, 2010

annual VITAMIN-A & vitamin B

these past few days me n colleague is focusing on our main topic during lunch hr…apa lg kalu bukan pasal vit-A (salary ADJUSTment) n vit-B (bonus). have been waiting patiently since finish e’ auditing process in apr’10 but till end of june..tup2 salary comes out like normal figure – no difference at all…sedih lar kan..for me frm accounts dept i know audit is done, so its time like previous yr, PSB will be declared around june salary but when its not come true..everybody keep asking me…prediction is all around the topic…ksian lar plak…me, myself don’t bother so doesn’t mean that i dont want but i’m thinking its good too if get it late so i can spend n save it for raya time..hahaha..
finally early july after our salary comes out, i overheard frm Mr DB boustead has approved the PSB…hehehe, here it comes. my ladyboss quite bz after that…even she did’nt inform me but i know already frm her actions…ACTION speaks LOUDER than words maaaa…so patiently waited untill its really confirm than i brek out e’ news to my dear eagerly officemates…HAPPY ler..
but frm what my ladyboss said, don't expect more, expect less or e’ same as last yr…this is due to our co is not achieved our last fin yr target sales…huhu, so for me ok lar than nothing…but still hoping for e’ least like previous yr..which really2 can help in this kind of situation rite now!! $$$$
so e’ PSB doc is ready to go out for final approval…patiently waited for 2 days n finally its back, me n ladyboss when to e’ bank for submission. comes back as usual e’ one to one session being carried on by Mr DB… is ur PSB..JENG!!! a bit sad but still berSYUKUR wif e’ news..its help a lot…even what i get is lower than previous yr but i notice i get more frm this co every yr..cannot expect e’ same frm other co if move to others….it can be good or bad but frm my experience..3mths n above PSB is good enuf for pvt small co like mine.
now waiting for e’ vit A plak…hopes it gives more motivation since last yr for e’ 1st time in my career life in this co, there is no salary adjustment..(increament lar…)..PRAY for e’ best…am i staying??? hahaha….still blank!

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