Wednesday, January 28, 2009

weekend trials..

when i’m free n in mood, will try something new in any interested recipe catch up my eyes during surfing this fp of  rinnchan. luv her creativity in presenting the pictures of her food n most important thing is e’  step her show in every her cooks..ez to understand n she not kedekut ilmu..!!
*blueberry cheesecake*
IMGP1120 IMGP1020
all time favourite...I guess?!@#$ erm this one goes to my hubby n me for the weekend tea break!! n also to my sista kids....
*sweet dark – choc moist*
IMGP1050 IMGP1049
This plain cupcakes was made to my neighbour request for her daughter birthday...its a choc moist cake but in a soufflé cup...ez to eat n quick to finish.
*bread pudding*
Love it so much....e' simple taste-not too sweet n smooth texture giv a balance diet for appetizer/dessert for e' day!! e' raisins added some colour to its or maybe wif some cherry..its all up to your creativity.
Having it while still hot or even cold, its still taste e' same...serve with coffee or tea for the relaxing evening...goossssssssh, slurrrpppppp... :-)