Thursday, July 13, 2006

DEEP inside..

Maybe its too late for somebody….but for me its still fresh…therefore would like to share some of my moments n feelings when i was there….(actually busy n plus minus malas…hehehe)
Deep inside my heart, i MISS u a lot…..i wish i will be there once again n again….pray for YOUR SERUAN n kemurahan rezeki yg KAU limpahkan, so that i can revisited your HOUSE again…
Kaabah….tersergam indah di tengah lautan manusia yg tidak putus2 mengelilinginya dengan lafaz kalimah tauhid…aduh, kagum dan amat membanggakan….tenang lagi mengasyikkan. Sesungguhnya besar sungguh ciptaanMU ya ALLAH. Ketenangan yg KAU berikan sepanjang aku berada disana tidak sama seperti disini……..ketulusan hati yg KAU kurniakan tidak sama seperti disini….kesabaran yg kurasakan dan KAU limpahkan, jauh berbeza dr di sini….ternyata RUMAH MU amat membahagiakan…..ku bersyukur diatas kesempatan dan kemurahan rezeki yg KAU kurniakan, kerananya aku berada diSANA. Semoga ia bukanlah kunjungan ku yg pertama dan terakhir, semoga ia menjadi pencetus bagi kunjungan2 yg akan datang…AMIN
21/5/06 - akhirnya sampai jua waktu bertolak even we took BIMAN Airlines but the conditions inside still the same like the others airlines….but come to my surprise when i reach dhaka - ZIA International Airport…..sad to say their airport is like 20 yrs back fr us. But what to do we hv to transit there…..reach hotel, take a rest n go for city tour. The bangladeshi people is so poor, so sad to see when the youngers are already on the road to beg for some money espc fr outsiders - tourist…. 
at ZIA International Airport - Dhaka, Bangladesh..

22/05/06 - departed to Jeddah….fr the air when we reached Jeddah, i saw how big is the airport n there are so many lights gliters in the dark, showing that the country rich of oil n affordable like us….took a bus which can accommodate 41 of us n straight to madinah; the journey took for about 2/3 hrs….once i reach madinah al-munawarrah, i can see a big city with a tallest building surrounds it….so beautiful and its becomes more beatiful when i saw Masjid Nabawi….its so damn big….
in front of Masjid Nabawi….BIG is it!!?!

check in n hv some rest after that go for ziarah….makam baqi n raudhah….but sad to say i don’t hv an opportunity to visit raudhah since i’ve been splitted fr my group…but on the 2nd day i managed to get into raudhah even hv to struggled. 3 days at madinah, i try to do a lot of solat n any ibadat also i learn new things fr my mom n the others jemaah….who have been here for their hajj.
R&R- on the way fr jeddah to madinah…he..he..not like our R&R..
25/05/06 - its time to go to mekah al-mukarramah…..hv to spend for about 7 days there…before that we stopped at Bir’Ali for umrah purposes - berniat umrah. Once i reached mekah n saw the city, its full of peoples….of course for the foreigners n maybe some local peoples they come there for umrah too…so are we…
the moment i step in the masjidil-haram, wah…..the kaabah is right in front of my eyes..standing strong and nicely covered with black cloth all over it with some Quran rites. So impressive n proud to say that i was there at last. Thank GOD for inviting me to Your House!!! The scenery so calm n terrific even every inch n edges it being fulfill by human to do their own ibadat…it does not disturb my first moment when i saw kaabah….one secret moment last forever…..

there…i manage to perform 7 times umrah….even at first its quite tiring especially your leg n foot…huuh..but after a few times n days i manage to do twice umrah in a day.
the last day came so fast….tup2 dah nak balik. That time rasa mcm x cukup jer buat ibadah but at the same time i never feel missing my sweet home so much.
All the memories while i’m there are so sweet. I’ve learnt n refresh back all the our prophet Muhammad SAW n his friends history of how them want to spread ISLAM thru out the world espc Mecca n Medina. Hmm….so hv to say goodbye KAABAH…till i see u once again!!!!