Wednesday, September 23, 2009

unplanning event: FRASER hill trip…

my parents n bro was here on the 2nd weekend of ramadhan which Nuzul Al-Quran holiday fall on monday n i was on state holiday too…with no planning at all, my hubby ask us to get ready to have some short trip to see e’ new highway which supposed to link frm rawang to ktn, phg. (actually this activity juz to fill in our morning session which is most of e’ time – fasting mth is quite boring n tend to sleep all mng if nothing can be done kan!!). But sad to say e’ highway not yet ready/completed to be used…then this drag e’ trip heading towards e’ Kuala Selangor dam….we have a cozy trip n nice view all e’ way since its a windy day..nice to travel actually.
m_IMG_0347 m_IMG_0344 m_IMG_0345 m_IMG_0346 later on we proceed further up – my hubby wanted to show a place where Sir henry gurney being hambush n died. Anyway on e’ way we found this small waterfall which being used by passersby to wash car n taking bath (for guys n kids only yerr!!) – coz its so open to e’ public road.
m_IMG_0352 m_IMG_0349
n here is where 'e’ Sir Henry Gurney has been killed in e’ hambush by e’ communist troops. e’ blue signboard giv a summary for e’ whole incident happen to SHG.
 m_IMG_0364 m_IMG_0362
after visited this place, supposed we turn back, but my hubby decided to bring us straight to Fraser Hill (FH) since its a few km away only….then we e’ passenger said YES lorrrr…
m_IMG_0440 m_IMG_0368 m_IMG_0370 m_IMG_0383 m_IMG_0385 m_IMG_0402 m_IMG_0410
m_IMG_0404 m_IMG_0392
we spent around 3hrs at e’ top of the hill n went down around 4 o’clock. We break fast at one of the branches of Sate hj Samuri in Selayang.
                                              m_IMG_0450 m_IMG_0451 m_IMG_0453 m_IMG_0459 m_IMG_0452