Monday, September 27, 2010

1 hr di hari RAYA

sedih n gembira masih berkesempatan utk menyambut lebaran bersama keluarga tercinta walaupun jauh disudut hati ada yg masih kekurangan dlm kehidupan ini….namun meraikan aidlifitri adalah tanggungjawab kita as a muslim after a mth of fasting..semuga sgala ibadah di bln ramadhan diberkati…AMIN.

as usual we hv a simple tradition event – bersalam2an n bermaaf2an…saling hulur menghulur..hulur duit raya lerr..nak hulur apa lg…so for my dear niece yg berjaya puasa, mama an proud of u girls…but $$ doesn’t measure anything related to its yer…it just pemberian ikhlas dr mama an jer…cuma my eldest sista was not around due to some reason abt her daughter illness which brought us apart on e’ 1st day of raya.

DSC00987 DSC00981 DSC00985

for dear mak tua (my grandma)..u r not alone, even wif all ur disabilities bcoz of e’ age..we still luv n care abt u, juz forgive us as a grandson which sometimes we were kind of impatient type of person…huuh, if we were in ur shoe..i bet we will, one day. may ALLAh give us a long life to hv experience it.


so diatas tu kira upacara bermaaf2an n bg2 duit raya…hehehe, lpas tu diikuti dgn acar photoshoot beramai2….so lets picture talks this time…

DSC00944 DSC00960 DSC00995

therefore sincere frm ME n mr hub – Selamat hari raya


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

its BROKE my heart…

i’m restless n my mind tired…thinking n keep on thinking, worry n keep on worried..something happen n its always happen now..times change n people do change. its a lie if everything is fine n ok..coz what i am facing now is e’ fact that i cannot run..
BTW i’m so grateful wif what i hv today..still my lovely parents is hubby is rite beside me all e’ time..still…my siblings everywhere to support n teasing me once a while..what else i want?? we all hv grown up n hv our own families to take care..we can’t expect much frm each other but we can think that their loves still for us, never faded n gone away…LUV ALL!
lovely parents – UMI n AyAh..both of u r always in my heart..true or not, even we r apart, umi u r always in my thought during my happy n espc my sad time…coz lately i’m not so good in everything…my feelings up n down, my emotion is like a roller coaster n my life is like a desert….hardly to find e’ peace n happiness without u!! to my dad, i just hope that u can make umi happy in every way…lend more helps n give more happiness in everything n at anytime coz i know u can n u will!!  for me, both of u is important now n forever…
dear sista n bro…i know u all concern..we do concern abt each other coz we hv a very strong family ties..we communicate n we share all the things at all time, we do everything together…but when time goes by, when we already in our own circle of married life n families..we lost e’ moment, but we still hv e’ trust – e’ trust to share n support in to each other. i hate to not to hv e’ moment anymore when we r in a situation not willingly to do that things…its very sad..but we hv other part of us to take care with, to adapt with…therefore pls dont hate n ignore me coz above all these, i still love all…
a lot i need to learn as time flies, it doesn't teach me a lot..coz certain things comes when it happen n when we cant stand anymore with it!! tears doesn't help…anger also doesn’t i pray may ALLAh help me all e’ way along…change me to be good n better to everyone i i can’t dare to leave n they will not leave me too!!
well not sure, people knows or even understand what i wrote this time..but this is what i want to say n what i feel to tell…e’ most important things is – i feel ok!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

its RAYA - MLM raya

raya dtg lg...setahun this is the time. thn ni kami berya di pekan, phg my beloved kg...wif my beloved family. shari sebelum raya baru kami bertolak balik since im taking leave only 1 day before n after raya weekend. this time we used jln dr kuala pilah  n muadzam to go back frm my PIL house in salak tinggi, which is much more nearer rather than patah balik ke karak hiway...BTw e' journey took us abt 3.5 hrs to reach ktn jer..n add another 30min to reach pekan..before we reach pekan, we hv decided to drop by ktn shopping mall for last minute shopping due to my hubby shoe has been stolen by somebody during his visit to his parents house in ampang...huhu..if not mmg thn ni kami x buat sebarang persiapan in terms of baju raya n other things sgt...we opt to used back last yr clothes n other attires which still in good condition.

haha almost 2 hrs juga mencari kasut yer.i think lebih kurang sama jer masa bg org perempuan cari brg2 this time im much more faster than him...i give a glance on all e' shoes..n try one or two then i decided...coz i'm go for color, design n last is dpt ler kasut satu for me. for my hub, 1st shoe design yg dia minat mula2 tu x dpt coz dah habis size..ksian we gor for 2nd option after a few survey..lucky ada yg berkenan di hatinya...

finish shopping terus bergerak ke final destinasi kami, my kg...sampai2 jer all e' lauk pauk for raya tomorrow dah hampir siap. so i'm preparing some lite dish utk berbuka - popiah, kegemaran mr hub ler. mlm pula mcm biasa my sis n bro mmg suka buat pelaburan kegembiraan utk anak2nya..main bunga api n mercun ringan2 sebagai halwa telinga. ada mercun lalat n bola, thunderclap etc..x byk tp im a kind not into all this firecrackers x hafal nama2 mercun tu..

sibuk melayan anak buah n menyaksikan kecohnya suasana mlm raya, baju solat mr hub terlupa di iron n same goes to my baju raya...hehehe..esok jer lar - itu ler yg biasa aku buat pun, tangguh skjap, bdn rasa penat sgt n mengantuk utk buat all works in 1 atas desakan my sis, terpaksa lar juga gagahkan diri mengsis n menyusun biskut2 raya ke dlm balang biskut...n tukar alas meja yg mana basically itu lar aktivit mlm raya kami.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i’m CHASing after TIME


eeeeeeei can’t wait no more till 5 pm…no more mood to work n also feel so sleepy. woke up for sahur n till now haven’t had a chance to sleep for a while….bTW still sempat lar juga td dlm keta tido masa otw to my office..this is all due to last nite which i cant barely open my eyes after finish my isyak prayer…lots of things has been planned to do but i’m seriously tired n sleepy..everything including packing our luggage for balik kg raya also has put on hold till this mng…

now at e’ office, i was pressured by e’ lady boss abt my mthly accounts closing n tax matters…huhu..tensenya..dah nak cuti ni, lg mau ckp2 pasal kerja..BTW aku dah siapkan pun kerja2 a/c tu..ok!! i’ll finished it up dah…hopefully eveything is in order, if not teruk lar kena smash lik raya nanti…x aman dunia aku!!

my h/p is bz wif smses..frm my sis, bro n sil too…yg kat kg x abis2 suh balik awal…dui..ingat aku keja sdiri ker…wa mkn gaji ooo, lum cuti so lum bleh balik arr…byk sgt kerja kat umah kg nak dibuat.. so my sis w/out censored ask me to go back early to avoid frm escaping doing all e’ housework. oooooi dear sis, i’m not that type ok…i will try to arrange my time according lar..dear hubby lak esok ler baru nak cari baju n kasut raya..bleh?? tense nya AKU!!!

skrg ni curi2 masa skit since i hv no mood anymore but still left few work to do..such as place a PO, clear a pending update software n…n…erm i thinks thats all for today..anything will cont later ok…

hope i can go for raya holiday in peace..PEACE!! no disturbance frm office or frm whoever n whatever larr…..

Monday, September 6, 2010

e’ TRIlogy – part 2

its SATurday, last weekend for fasting mth...we hv make an appmnt wif dr zaim - he is a doc for homeopathy practitioner. well actually i'm just glad coz this time all my pray was successfully heard by HIM. its gives me a strength n confident to do n to go all thru this again. this doc has been introduced by my sis.

the appmnt was fixed on 2.30pm.we out early frm house n drop by at giant kj for little shopping. i bought e' anmum materna milk powder for me..its going to be my supplement since i'm e' one who are really not in love with MILK - fresh or powder so this is like paksa rela..going to drink it wif my milo, so it will not taste much to me.

sharp 2.30pm we r ready at e' front door of this homeopathy clinic. actually this is my 2nd visit which previously i came to collect medicine for my niece raihan -sis daughter. its a very simple clinic n it can be said it does'nt look like clinic at all wif simple furniture occupied in e' room. no pharmacy room or counter, we juz doing some  simple registration by filling in 1 page form asking about our personal details of me n hubby.

after that we wait for a while n then being entertain by e' doc - dr zaim. well in my opinion after talking few minutes with him – he is a simple n soft spoken person. i cant barely heard his talking when xplaining e' homeopathy method to us..hahaha..i said to my hubby..."doc ckp slow sgt..mcm x kuar suara...or mcm x nk ckp"...well i guess this is because we r not alone...i mean e' patient...other patient is also waiting in e' same room n others is doing some other test...therefore, i think most probably he try to keep slow for any info deliver regarding our case...hermmm..a bit no privacy.

but e' consulting cont wif our nerves test. its a test where we put like a an earphone to our left ear n our left hand being traced wif a thing like a test pen n ada arus elektrik to detect our nerves area samaada berfungsi baik to our body system or not. e' feel is like kena mild arus elektrik yg x memudaratkan pastinya....then for me, i feel e' strong arus elektrik or feel e' pain at e' bottom of my telapak tgn..snang kata kat my pergelangan tgn which according to zaimah-his asst, its because of my period pain. other part is functionally well, nothing is wrong.

e’ nerves test tools

after that we hv some discussion on dietary or daily food consumption for both of us. food n drinks to avoid, so basically i hv some idea on y certain fish, fruit n drinks is not good to my health n even to my hubby health which can lead to a good fertility. will story more later on abt this all unhealthy food prescribed for me to avoid.

after almost 1 an half hr, we reached to an end...doc gave me 4 types of homeopathy medicines which is for energy, pregnancy n period pain. while for my hubby is only for energy. this energy medicine is to boost our daily energy n feel comfortable n healthy to do daily work n xxx (sdiri tau yer..).He estimated us to success in this treatment within 4 mths wif his past patient experience. so for me...i'll try n never give up n for sure i must hv confident wif what am i doing currently. therefore me n hubby hv decide to put on hold our treatment wif dr hamid arshat. we want to try this method, not really traditional but its another option for us other than modern ways. so juz PRAY for us...!!

BTW while i was there, i hv read this one interesting article abt its nice to get to know abt other option of healthcare method other than usual we used now...

so for those who is open minded n looks for other options in medical treatment..y not try this...its true n fact!

vice VERSA

clip_image001   VS  clip_image001[5]

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Quran like we treat our cell phone?
What if we carried it around wherever we went?
What if we flipped through it several time a day?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?
What if we used it when we travelled?
What if we used it in case of emergency?
This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Quran?
Oh, and one more thing.
Unlike our cell  phone, we don't have to worry about our Quran being
Disconnected because Allah already paid the  bill.
Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities? And no dropped calls!

oooo sedihnya bila baca artikel ni…coz its real n really happen to us n espc ME, myself….bila lar nak sedar diri ni?? mudah2an ada cara lain if i’m not doing it in this way pun….ALLAH knows our ibadah even how small it is n even in an every diffnt way!

niat n lakukannya sebaik mungkin tu yg penting!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

anniVERSARY cum MERdeka DAY!!


merdeka!!! 3x yer….huhu we still independence country till now. syukur n amin….peace to all!! may Allah bless our country with lots of peace, richness n stability in wateva ways we do.

so proud to be here - MALAYSIA n so angry wif what has happen in Indonesia about our country…huuh problema betul mrk ni…mcm org x bertamadun jer…cehhhhhh nasib baik our PM is so kind hearted nya org…n WE as a MALAYsian also kind hearted nya type n high moralnya…so x kuasa nak layan perangai buruk n x bertamadun mrk tu…..

cuma this yr mmg celebration of our independence day quite dull hubby also not tend to hang up our proud flag in front of our garage..i guess ramadhan mth distrupt a bit in terms of spirit n mood for it….mandorm jer kat umah..;(

BTW happy MERDEKA day to us n to our beloved country MALAYSIA yg ke 53!!!


pg_merdeka3(multi RACES…..heheh so cute gitu!! its me lar tu..e’ one wearing hijab tu…hahahahah (perasan..sdiri)

NOT TO FORGET my wedding anniversary also fall on e’ same day!! its our 7th anniversary n as usual we still ber2…x per, only ALLAH knows my never-ending prayers n i know he will only test his khalifah yg can afford to face wif this kind of situation…so i guess he choose me n my dear LOVE!! will never stop pray to u n put all our effort endlessly…just give US strength n keutuhan IMAN for this…


ANNIVERSARY to dear LOVE mr HUbby – WAN SAIFUL HAFEZ bin amran & ZURAIHAN bte abu bakar!!!! hehehe sendiri wish yer…

happy_anniversary-1527 casco-20090128-7-anniversary

BTW we did not going anywhere to celebrate it…we only wish to each other n give a lots n lots of hugs n kisess jer….hehe, then later on that day we went out looking for dvd movie in uptown to cheer up our public@anniversary holiday a bit…

i’m planning to celebrate it later kot…..will c, insyallah. SMOGA berkekalan hendak-NYA!!


back to hometown after few mths is really a moment i’m waiting for so long….it was like a yrs not back to my kg…rindunyerrrrr.

so last weekend i’m back to my sweet hometown – PEKAN, a royal town for phg state..wif my hubby. we took an old road for this trip since we want to avoid a dull environment along e’ hiway which can lead to a boring time n sleepy mode. well nothing much is diffnt n changing along e’ roadside to ktn…but i’m just excited…hahaha.

during my stay of 2 nites, i manage to went down to e’ small town of pekan..actually its not small anymore, few things has changed…few buildings has been built in, lot of new shop lots has arise n more new brand banks, food outlets n branded shops is available…hehehe pekan is like no more pekan..its a town wif a small older name – pekan!! maybank, cimb, muamalat, bank islam, bank rakyat, tabung haji is here…near to each other. lg snang since its been located in a small town within reach jer…x yah spend a lot of time n petrol to go here n there….like in kl…huuh..jam some more!!


there is KFC, MYDIN..AVON which is quite interesting when those outlet is here…seen e’ happening n lively of this town. hahaha..

BTW since last friday is a public holiday cont wif weekend n after that is follow by MERDEKA day on tuesday, therefore many people opt to cont e’ holiday untill tuesday n for a city people this is a good time to went back to their hometown n spend few days of fasting with their beloved ones in kg…that is y, pekan all of sudden so full of people espc in pasar tani pg n bazar ramadhan. RAMAI bangat….sesak nafas den…

28082010054 28082010043

but this is not always happen…its like twice a yr during special festive season for muslim n also during sultan pahang will be lots n lots of fun n happenings in e’ town…

will back again RAYA time coz its my turn to spend 1st raya with my family this yr….adios!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

e’ TRIlogy – part 1

salam…this is a trip of my journey to hv a happy family..been thru this twice before, but i’m not in a mood n instinct to share all e’ moments n experience wif others…but this time i will. hope wit this it will release my burden a bit…release my tense apart..release my tears away!! ALLAH i really needs all e strength u gave me all along past 7 yrs for me to face becoming yrs in future.
after thnking n decided, me n hubby wanna start all over again. we hv stop frm any treatment 2 yrs back with lots of hope that it will happen naturally if those ways does not help..but our hope failed every mths n yrs pass us by…tears come n go, we are speechless n at one time we blank…blank in all ways.
we start wif our visit to dr hamid arshat – e’ popular gynae & fertility doc in town after few recommendation made by my bff n frm my reading reference too…
my appmnt scheduled on 24/8 – fasting no sperm count will be done for my hubby but i guess, i cant wait no more delays..then only ALLAH knows, we planned but he is e’ one will make it happen or not..on that day which i’m readily prepared wif my leave taken n mentally set up for all e’ discussions, i fall sick – having gastric pain. seriously painful, i went to clinic, taking injectioon to reciover frm e; pain n fall asleep few hrs, therfore my appmnt was cancelled n rescheduled to 2/9…lucky e’ gap was not far..
as has been set-up, we made it today to e’ clinic. arrive there n register around 9am. waited almost 2 hrs in e’ waiting room for my turn..i see a lot of people wif big tummy n no tummy (but it doesn't mean they don't have yet…might be not enuf mths to show e’ big momma tummy yet). i’m controlling myself when surrounded wif all these ladies…read e’ magazines to throw out my sadness n boring mood away…
at 11.10am i’ve been call to c e’ doc…for e’ 1st time going to face to face wif this special doc – special wif his name n special wif his ability n experience…wif lots of hope in my heart n lots of toughts in my mind..what to say, what to response n what to ask!!
he is nice..muka bersih…huh tenangnya tgk dia but time is always a constraint…we chat in a fast motion, asking n answering n jotted down necessary info by him..then do e’ scanning..haha, i feel good when he said my cyst not a prob anymore bcoz he can’t see my cyst is growing up in my womb again…so he decide me to do IUI. fuuh snangnya doc ni bg cadangan n keputusan – IUI. without any query further n test to do..he is all depends on my previous info n test result jer..leh ker pakai lg…coz dah more than 2 yrs all e’ test result pun..will it be e’ same?? huh that is worried me most. but i guess si pakar will know better…jgn mkn duit den saja dah ler…but its save me a lot too, coz all e’ test is costly espc nowdays. so berserah..
ok, after 15 min of chit chatting, we out frm e’ room…being called for medicines n payment. hahaha…i’ve been given
obimin – multivitamin which content is
Vitamine A 3000unit USP
Vitamine D 400unit USP
Vitamine C 100 mg
Vitamine B1 10 mg
Vitamine B2 2,5 mg
Vitamine B6 15 mg
Vitamine B12 4 mg
Nicotinamide 20 mg
Calcium panthothenate 7,5 mg
Calcium lactate 250 mg
Acide folique1 mg
Ferrous fumarate 90 mg
Iodine 100 mg
Folic acid, sometimes called folate, is a B vitamin (B9) found mostly in leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, orange juice, and enriched grains. Repeated studies have shown that women who get 400 micrograms (0.4 milligrams) daily prior to conception and during early pregnancy reduce the risk that their baby will be born with a serious neural tube defect (a birth defect involving incomplete development of the brain and spinal cord) by up to 70%.
That's why it's so important for all women of childbearing age to get enough folic acid — not just those who are planning to become pregnant.Only 50% of pregnancies are planned, so any woman who could become pregnant should make sure she's getting enough folic acid.
lypracorn (acetyl-l-carnitine + alpha lipoic acid)
Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body with a very similar structure as the well known amino acid carnitine, again levels diminish over time. It is recognised for its anti-aging and energy giving properties.
Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of our favorite antioxidants because it has been shown to help reactivate all of the other antioxidants and rejuvenates itself. It also turns bad genes "off" and boosts glutathione which is critical for liver detoxification (and helping your liver to get rid of toxins and excess hormones). All of the organs, fluids, and players in the reproductive system are made up of cells which need protecting. Health cells = healthy fertility.
Cells are turning over all of the time. Alpha Lipoic Acid can have an impact on the health of your cells. One area that we want to nourish and protect is the egg. During the cycle of an egg from "storage" to ovulation there is an opportunity for the egg to be impacted by toxins or nutrients. Antioxidants can provide protection from these free radicals so the DNA is intact and you have a health egg for conception.
the two are a powerful combination that can improve vitality and help protect against disease; studies have shown that they work together to “tune up” the energy-producing organelles that power all cells, the mitochondria - seen as the weak link in aging. As we age, the mitochondria decay both structurally and functionally, and the levels of antioxidants in the body fall, both Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine protect mitochondria function and therefore help to preserve cell function and energy.
which all this for my fertility purpose n for my mrhub, is given nurev resveratrol complex for sperm count enhancement – all these for 1 nth consumption n it cost me wif scan procedure n 1st time consulting exactly rm464.
lucky i hv rm500 in purse…so whats left?? we walk out wif lots of hope n waiting patiently for nxt mth appmnt for IUI. by then ADIOS.