Friday, September 3, 2010

anniVERSARY cum MERdeka DAY!!


merdeka!!! 3x yer….huhu we still independence country till now. syukur n amin….peace to all!! may Allah bless our country with lots of peace, richness n stability in wateva ways we do.

so proud to be here - MALAYSIA n so angry wif what has happen in Indonesia about our country…huuh problema betul mrk ni…mcm org x bertamadun jer…cehhhhhh nasib baik our PM is so kind hearted nya org…n WE as a MALAYsian also kind hearted nya type n high moralnya…so x kuasa nak layan perangai buruk n x bertamadun mrk tu…..

cuma this yr mmg celebration of our independence day quite dull hubby also not tend to hang up our proud flag in front of our garage..i guess ramadhan mth distrupt a bit in terms of spirit n mood for it….mandorm jer kat umah..;(

BTW happy MERDEKA day to us n to our beloved country MALAYSIA yg ke 53!!!


pg_merdeka3(multi RACES…..heheh so cute gitu!! its me lar tu..e’ one wearing hijab tu…hahahahah (perasan..sdiri)

NOT TO FORGET my wedding anniversary also fall on e’ same day!! its our 7th anniversary n as usual we still ber2…x per, only ALLAH knows my never-ending prayers n i know he will only test his khalifah yg can afford to face wif this kind of situation…so i guess he choose me n my dear LOVE!! will never stop pray to u n put all our effort endlessly…just give US strength n keutuhan IMAN for this…


ANNIVERSARY to dear LOVE mr HUbby – WAN SAIFUL HAFEZ bin amran & ZURAIHAN bte abu bakar!!!! hehehe sendiri wish yer…

happy_anniversary-1527 casco-20090128-7-anniversary

BTW we did not going anywhere to celebrate it…we only wish to each other n give a lots n lots of hugs n kisess jer….hehe, then later on that day we went out looking for dvd movie in uptown to cheer up our public@anniversary holiday a bit…

i’m planning to celebrate it later kot…..will c, insyallah. SMOGA berkekalan hendak-NYA!!

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