Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i’m CHASing after TIME


eeeeeeei can’t wait no more till 5 pm…no more mood to work n also feel so sleepy. woke up for sahur n till now haven’t had a chance to sleep for a while….bTW still sempat lar juga td dlm keta tido masa otw to my office..this is all due to last nite which i cant barely open my eyes after finish my isyak prayer…lots of things has been planned to do but i’m seriously tired n sleepy..everything including packing our luggage for balik kg raya also has put on hold till this mng…

now at e’ office, i was pressured by e’ lady boss abt my mthly accounts closing n tax matters…huhu..tensenya..dah nak cuti ni, lg mau ckp2 pasal kerja..BTW aku dah siapkan pun kerja2 a/c tu..ok!! i’ll finished it up dah…hopefully eveything is in order, if not teruk lar kena smash lik raya nanti…x aman dunia aku!!

my h/p is bz wif smses..frm my sis, bro n sil too…yg kat kg x abis2 suh balik awal…dui..ingat aku keja sdiri ker…wa mkn gaji ooo, lum cuti so lum bleh balik arr…byk sgt kerja kat umah kg nak dibuat.. so my sis w/out censored ask me to go back early to avoid frm escaping doing all e’ housework. oooooi dear sis, i’m not that type ok…i will try to arrange my time according lar..dear hubby lak esok ler baru nak cari baju n kasut raya..bleh?? tense nya AKU!!!

skrg ni curi2 masa skit since i hv no mood anymore but still left few work to do..such as place a PO, clear a pending update software n…n…erm i thinks thats all for today..anything will cont later ok…

hope i can go for raya holiday in peace..PEACE!! no disturbance frm office or frm whoever n whatever larr…..

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