Wednesday, September 22, 2010

its BROKE my heart…

i’m restless n my mind tired…thinking n keep on thinking, worry n keep on worried..something happen n its always happen now..times change n people do change. its a lie if everything is fine n ok..coz what i am facing now is e’ fact that i cannot run..
BTW i’m so grateful wif what i hv today..still my lovely parents is hubby is rite beside me all e’ time..still…my siblings everywhere to support n teasing me once a while..what else i want?? we all hv grown up n hv our own families to take care..we can’t expect much frm each other but we can think that their loves still for us, never faded n gone away…LUV ALL!
lovely parents – UMI n AyAh..both of u r always in my heart..true or not, even we r apart, umi u r always in my thought during my happy n espc my sad time…coz lately i’m not so good in everything…my feelings up n down, my emotion is like a roller coaster n my life is like a desert….hardly to find e’ peace n happiness without u!! to my dad, i just hope that u can make umi happy in every way…lend more helps n give more happiness in everything n at anytime coz i know u can n u will!!  for me, both of u is important now n forever…
dear sista n bro…i know u all concern..we do concern abt each other coz we hv a very strong family ties..we communicate n we share all the things at all time, we do everything together…but when time goes by, when we already in our own circle of married life n families..we lost e’ moment, but we still hv e’ trust – e’ trust to share n support in to each other. i hate to not to hv e’ moment anymore when we r in a situation not willingly to do that things…its very sad..but we hv other part of us to take care with, to adapt with…therefore pls dont hate n ignore me coz above all these, i still love all…
a lot i need to learn as time flies, it doesn't teach me a lot..coz certain things comes when it happen n when we cant stand anymore with it!! tears doesn't help…anger also doesn’t i pray may ALLAh help me all e’ way along…change me to be good n better to everyone i i can’t dare to leave n they will not leave me too!!
well not sure, people knows or even understand what i wrote this time..but this is what i want to say n what i feel to tell…e’ most important things is – i feel ok!!

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