Monday, September 6, 2010

e’ TRIlogy – part 2

its SATurday, last weekend for fasting mth...we hv make an appmnt wif dr zaim - he is a doc for homeopathy practitioner. well actually i'm just glad coz this time all my pray was successfully heard by HIM. its gives me a strength n confident to do n to go all thru this again. this doc has been introduced by my sis.

the appmnt was fixed on 2.30pm.we out early frm house n drop by at giant kj for little shopping. i bought e' anmum materna milk powder for me..its going to be my supplement since i'm e' one who are really not in love with MILK - fresh or powder so this is like paksa rela..going to drink it wif my milo, so it will not taste much to me.

sharp 2.30pm we r ready at e' front door of this homeopathy clinic. actually this is my 2nd visit which previously i came to collect medicine for my niece raihan -sis daughter. its a very simple clinic n it can be said it does'nt look like clinic at all wif simple furniture occupied in e' room. no pharmacy room or counter, we juz doing some  simple registration by filling in 1 page form asking about our personal details of me n hubby.

after that we wait for a while n then being entertain by e' doc - dr zaim. well in my opinion after talking few minutes with him – he is a simple n soft spoken person. i cant barely heard his talking when xplaining e' homeopathy method to us..hahaha..i said to my hubby..."doc ckp slow sgt..mcm x kuar suara...or mcm x nk ckp"...well i guess this is because we r not alone...i mean e' patient...other patient is also waiting in e' same room n others is doing some other test...therefore, i think most probably he try to keep slow for any info deliver regarding our case...hermmm..a bit no privacy.

but e' consulting cont wif our nerves test. its a test where we put like a an earphone to our left ear n our left hand being traced wif a thing like a test pen n ada arus elektrik to detect our nerves area samaada berfungsi baik to our body system or not. e' feel is like kena mild arus elektrik yg x memudaratkan pastinya....then for me, i feel e' strong arus elektrik or feel e' pain at e' bottom of my telapak tgn..snang kata kat my pergelangan tgn which according to zaimah-his asst, its because of my period pain. other part is functionally well, nothing is wrong.

e’ nerves test tools

after that we hv some discussion on dietary or daily food consumption for both of us. food n drinks to avoid, so basically i hv some idea on y certain fish, fruit n drinks is not good to my health n even to my hubby health which can lead to a good fertility. will story more later on abt this all unhealthy food prescribed for me to avoid.

after almost 1 an half hr, we reached to an end...doc gave me 4 types of homeopathy medicines which is for energy, pregnancy n period pain. while for my hubby is only for energy. this energy medicine is to boost our daily energy n feel comfortable n healthy to do daily work n xxx (sdiri tau yer..).He estimated us to success in this treatment within 4 mths wif his past patient experience. so for me...i'll try n never give up n for sure i must hv confident wif what am i doing currently. therefore me n hubby hv decide to put on hold our treatment wif dr hamid arshat. we want to try this method, not really traditional but its another option for us other than modern ways. so juz PRAY for us...!!

BTW while i was there, i hv read this one interesting article abt its nice to get to know abt other option of healthcare method other than usual we used now...

so for those who is open minded n looks for other options in medical treatment..y not try this...its true n fact!

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