Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mural?? Art & Me

well last week is a rest day for me…so i guess i have a mood n really2 in good mood plus my day haven’t fill up wif any activities yet…so here it goes..doing some painting on my new colored wall in my living room. what to call actually…is it mural or juz a drawing?!@#$ anyway wateva it is….is ok. it juz an expression of my creativity..other than crafting n baking (hehehe..prasan la plak).
the design has come across my mind when me n hubby lying down while watching a tv ….stairing at the new painted wall…clean n clear, blank, empty…the idea shoot out fr my brain suddenly, y not we giv some design or color to this particular wall?? sure y not? - conversation la kira niiiiiiii….up to u babe…but juz on that wall ok!! firmly stress by my hubby.. (afraid lar tu..i kotorkan wall dia).
the next day, after makes a few reference fr internet (mcm pro la…ahaks) started to draw…flower, leaf, flower, leaf n…….alamak no idea but i guess is enuf …leh lar tu….
2 weeks later i manage to paint it..after finish the hantaran order..(fuuh last minute order..tension gakk!!)… u r..