Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tropicale COLMAR

is it rite or the other way round??? wateva larr as long as it sounds almost e’ same …hehehe
dont know wat to do wif our weekend so we decide to go to bkt tinggi, after it has been open for yrs, then we decide to giv a day trip to that place, this is bcoz my hubby has been there b4 our marriage wif his nephews.
we used e’ old road fr btg kali which is e’ road is not so bz wif cars n FOC frm toll. we passed by genting highland cabel car centre n wat can i said its a short journey fr our house which is located in bdr tasik puteri, rawang.
arrived there around 10am, having some breakfast in e’ car – cost saving coz need to spend $ when enter certain park in this area…so juz want to berjimat jerr…
IMGP0733 IMGP0735 in front of e’ japanese park entrance…
IMGP0725 IMGP0723 

IMGP0761e’ donkey is so timid..hehehe pegang jer, x naik pun, not enuf confident to ride this donkey..wonder if their backbone is strong to hold human weight..but history said so….
at e’ rabbit park which is rite in front of e’ donkey barn…very timid but lincah tau..


e’ flower is so nice..blooming nicely n beautifully…geram sgt!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mural?? Art & Me

well last week is a rest day for me…so i guess i have a mood n really2 in good mood plus my day haven’t fill up wif any activities yet…so here it goes..doing some painting on my new colored wall in my living room. what to call actually…is it mural or juz a drawing?!@#$ anyway wateva it is….is ok. it juz an expression of my creativity..other than crafting n baking (hehehe..prasan la plak).
the design has come across my mind when me n hubby lying down while watching a tv ….stairing at the new painted wall…clean n clear, blank, empty…the idea shoot out fr my brain suddenly, y not we giv some design or color to this particular wall?? sure y not? - conversation la kira niiiiiiii….up to u babe…but juz on that wall ok!! firmly stress by my hubby.. (afraid lar tu..i kotorkan wall dia).
the next day, after makes a few reference fr internet (mcm pro la…ahaks) started to draw…flower, leaf, flower, leaf n…….alamak no idea but i guess is enuf …leh lar tu….
2 weeks later i manage to paint it..after finish the hantaran order..(fuuh last minute order..tension gakk!!)…jeng222..here u r..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Again…my cupcake n cheesecake

yezzaaaaaaaaaa…still not bored n give up wif all this baking things..so i made up my mind agian this weekend, wanna try another cheese cake n cupcakes wif another design…a lot of deco tips i have explore fr the internet n design fr other peoples blog but guess wat…only this pattern turn out on my cupcake - carrot cc (oops..diffnt flavor lak!! n its taste not so bad..but if i mix carrot wif raisin it will giv a better taste)
IMGP0928 IMGP0926 IMGP0927
sotas..n star drop is the only techniques im applying n the rest is up to my crazy mind that time…huhuhahahehe, not to forget im using up my bal of gumpaste flower fr my deco class (issh dunt worry, its last long n will not expired so soonnnn!!)..anyhow the idea of using orange as a color of the day…??? erm not so sure..am i thinking of zahid-AF or he is thinking of me that time…huhuhu..actually im trying out new icing color which i bought fr WILTON products (glamor n fab cake deco brand in the world…?? ya ker) in PJ - this part actually would like to giv a ct to my hubby since bsusah payah dia pi gak cari kedai tu utk beli i nya icing color on friday…thaax SYG..mmg syg la kat SYG ~ undivided LOVE n PAtienT..
ohoh..the day before im already done wif my cheese cake..this time simple bake cheese cake….no more chill..bake. n its appear nice in the cake tin but when i took out it juz another thin layer of cheesecake…. x cukup tebal larr utk deco..i hv plan to deco its with blueberry topping n buttercream icing but…nevermind larr will try again next week n giv a shot by deco its wif my earlier plan!!! the taste…. erm a thumb up fr me n 5 star strike frm my hubby…hehe i guess since he said "this look n taste like SECRET RECIPE"..so take a loook…..
ok lar enuf for today n untill here……maybe this few weeks im crazy in baking so bare wif me n my blog niiiiiiiiiiiiii.
food n mood….so the intimate feelings, if 1 miss..= hancussssss, so combined both..= good result!! CHEERIO n happy eating.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1st attempt..

huhuhu….last weekend is another fine weekend but wif more works…i got a chance to try out all the skills i’ve learned fr my deco cupcake (cc) class…
friday after work, me n hubby went to the bakery BAGUS in SA..manage to find a few items..but not for my oreo cheese cake. so i decided to go to another bakery shop which is somewhere in rawang…at the same time i’ve look for my craft-love cage materials which has been order by my customer 2 weeks ago.
SAT- my attempt to do a chill oreo cheese cake is quite unsuccessful…don’t know y but the cake doesn’t taste like secret recipe cake…huhuhu. maybe my whipping cream is more than wat its required n the fresh milk is juz up to my like…hehe not really measure as per required..so here are the picture of my cheese cake.. hubby comment"...as long as it doesn’t taste totally diffnt n run fr the taste of cheese n oreo..then it should be fine…. " ah..luv u syg…so encouraging eventhough sometimes make me mad wif his unsensitive humor.
SUN - my cupcake turns to be fine as per expected….orange flavor is my choice this time but forgot to add grated orange skin..which for sure will giv an awesome taste to the cc. in the afternoon rite after lunch i can’t wait to do the frosting part..n finally deco. Manage to finish up wif all the cc - 35 of its..then for sure all of its goes to my neighbour n 15 of its for my beloved office mates…
cc5 cc4
so next time will be another flavor…….another deco/design…hahaha i’m mad wif this icing deco..squeze the nozzle n create wateva u want..wateva u imagine ..wateva u like..wateva comes to ur mind…n wateva sense u hv…that is it..as simple as that..sprinkles the cc wif ur own idea n creativeness..chewah…!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

cuppies OH cuppies

Suddenly this cute cuppies captured my intention..my desire to learn on how to make cupcake and as well learn e’ decoration, lead me to this cupcake class conduct by one of e’ bestseller cuppies on internet LYNNHASSAN…
completing of all necessary things to attend e’ class, i’m so excited and can’t wait till e’ day..
so…last saturday is another tiring n happening yet interesting day to me….hehehe, its my deco cupcake class day!! i’ve book the class 2 weeks ago..n 4 days before the day, manage to get a confirmation fr my dear sifu-lynnhassan…kuang..kuang
woke up early but still can’t help myself to prepare breakfast for me n hubby therefore i decided to have something fr the mng stall - nasi lemak n a few kuih..my class start at 10am but lynn ask to come a bit early so we can start on time since she’s going to teach fr the beginning on how to make the batter up to finish n finally deco.
it turns up i’m be the last student arrived..lucky the day b4 i’ve already ask my hubby to survey where is this place..n on the day itself, it juz nice im in..the class almost started..(FYI..the class held at the very own kitchen of my sifu jerrrrrrr). we hv been given 8 types of nozzle, spatula n deco board…not to forget recipes for all the things that we going to learn today..
frm the classess too i got to know a few friends…young n old which i can call "dik" n "kak"…so 1st of all we learnt how to make the vanilla batter-get to know the ingredients n baking tools; weighing, mixing, tasting, pouring to the cup n finally baking. 2nd - make royal icing; 3rd-colouring the piping jelly; 4th-make buttercream; 5th-deco wif buttercream n royal icing; fondant; 6th-learn the deco techniques:swirl,sweet pea, rose bud, ruffle, star, ribbon, conneli lace, sotas, clown (Wilton techniques) on the deco board.
last but not least is a techniques on how to deco a cake fr layer, filling, coating n topping. thanx to lynn…all the tips n "ilmu" is so useful to me…will giv a try this week n my 1st trial will goes to my office colleagues…pitty coz some of them only are manage to c n taste my outcome fr the deco class. so here it goes all my cupcake n the one written SYG is special for my beloved hubby…thanx for ur continous support n loveeeeeeee..vanilla flavor, filling n topping wif blueberry..yumyum..
really hv a great day….class finish at 7pm…drove back in a slow speed, tiring n smelly body (full day concentration..maaaa), happy n excite motion, overall satisfied n worth it!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

*DIDI my pet

this is my lovely cat – DIDI…at 1st its a stray cat which comes to any house to get some food, but becoz of his cuteness me n hubby decide to adopt it as our pet n name him DIDI.
wat i can said about him- active, so darn cute espc while sleeping n kuat mkn too n lastly kuat membuang..perghhhhhhhhh, x ingat!! well kalu dah kuat mkn mesti lar kena membuang la plak kan…normal lar tu…hehehehe
for e’ beginning we let him sleep n play in e’ house even when both of us out for work..so we prepared everything for him..food, water n place for his litter…but as time goes by, we cant face wif e’ smell producing by his litter, then e’ case we put outside of our house – wet kitchen n let a little opening of e’ back door to allow him in n out whenever he needs to.
my hubby will bath him once a week. n we feed him with steam fish+rice n friskies..he grows big so fast..n we really entertain by his activeness…lari sana sini n lompat2. 
anyway e’ cutest part of him is his sleeping actions…yuk intai!!!
IMGP0586 IMGP0524 IMGP0536_edited

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

craft & baking

after a long time never blog in……….so its me again!! bz wif the other blog but will never forget this 1…wats up?? touching new yr 2008, 4 sure i’m bz wif all the figures n numbers again……….ordering n stocks…really mess me up even i’ve been wif esri 4 abt 5 yrs already….sweetest things happen make me feel good wif this co, but when the opposites one turns up…feel like crazy n can’t wait to go……..go…go where? where to go? i’m questioning myself few time back this mth….am i chasing after high salary? then hardly 2 say..will the others co can offer me this good?? chewah..good for me larrrrrr
experience? well should lift up my foot early than this…2 yrs back..ermmmmmm my heart is telling me that im looking after motivation n inspirational…new environment n better social life - knows more people, mingle around a lot….hehehe..YES thats it im looking for!!! help..help…is there any room for changes n space for a differents..time for opportunity??
gussssh..need to stop fr dreaming…almost half a way in 2008..wat else to be asked, enquire, think …life must goes on. past is past,now n then is important….restart all over again?? if i hv the courage to do so, energy to boost me up high, good instinct to gamble?? will me? live it up to faith…o no no no…im not that kind of person..at least..so put a little effort wif hopes, good will always come to a rite person n rite time. ok enuff wif my feelings..
my small little hobbies run fine n smooth…i dont expect so much since im doing it for fun n interest…little $ but more satisfaction, need to balance wif my life as a wife n working people..some more in this hectic KL life..really make me temper sometime!!
after craft..thinking of give a try in baking…..hehehe..cupcakes as for a start…add some more colours to my service offered, wat u guys think? well this is juz an idea..since i really fall in love wif the design of the cute cuppies..cant resist to screw it up if i can touch it..hahaha bkn nak mkn but nak rosakkan lakk..mad me!@#$%
6 5
but actually im a failure baker….1st time trying larrrr dah give up..guess wat my chocolate moist cake turns up to be "apam gula hangus"…poor me..to the dustbin finally w/out even try to taste it out..same goes to my hubby.
but w/out fail, never give up…craving for cheesecake..gonna try out one of the cheesecake recipe - blueberry..yumyum
so till then……..we meet up again
forgot to tell…love to c my old frens fr secondary in JB..ana & wizana..they r here!! cant wait till the time..
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