Wednesday, June 11, 2008

cuppies OH cuppies

Suddenly this cute cuppies captured my desire to learn on how to make cupcake and as well learn e’ decoration, lead me to this cupcake class conduct by one of e’ bestseller cuppies on internet LYNNHASSAN…
completing of all necessary things to attend e’ class, i’m so excited and can’t wait till e’ day..
so…last saturday is another tiring n happening yet interesting day to me….hehehe, its my deco cupcake class day!! i’ve book the class 2 weeks ago..n 4 days before the day, manage to get a confirmation fr my dear sifu-lynnhassan…kuang..kuang
woke up early but still can’t help myself to prepare breakfast for me n hubby therefore i decided to have something fr the mng stall - nasi lemak n a few class start at 10am but lynn ask to come a bit early so we can start on time since she’s going to teach fr the beginning on how to make the batter up to finish n finally deco.
it turns up i’m be the last student arrived..lucky the day b4 i’ve already ask my hubby to survey where is this place..n on the day itself, it juz nice im in..the class almost started..(FYI..the class held at the very own kitchen of my sifu jerrrrrrr). we hv been given 8 types of nozzle, spatula n deco board…not to forget recipes for all the things that we going to learn today..
frm the classess too i got to know a few friends…young n old which i can call "dik" n "kak"…so 1st of all we learnt how to make the vanilla batter-get to know the ingredients n baking tools; weighing, mixing, tasting, pouring to the cup n finally baking. 2nd - make royal icing; 3rd-colouring the piping jelly; 4th-make buttercream; 5th-deco wif buttercream n royal icing; fondant; 6th-learn the deco techniques:swirl,sweet pea, rose bud, ruffle, star, ribbon, conneli lace, sotas, clown (Wilton techniques) on the deco board.
last but not least is a techniques on how to deco a cake fr layer, filling, coating n topping. thanx to lynn…all the tips n "ilmu" is so useful to me…will giv a try this week n my 1st trial will goes to my office colleagues…pitty coz some of them only are manage to c n taste my outcome fr the deco class. so here it goes all my cupcake n the one written SYG is special for my beloved hubby…thanx for ur continous support n loveeeeeeee..vanilla flavor, filling n topping wif blueberry..yumyum..
really hv a great day….class finish at 7pm…drove back in a slow speed, tiring n smelly body (full day concentration..maaaa), happy n excite motion, overall satisfied n worth it!!!

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