Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1st attempt..

huhuhu….last weekend is another fine weekend but wif more works…i got a chance to try out all the skills i’ve learned fr my deco cupcake (cc) class…
friday after work, me n hubby went to the bakery BAGUS in SA..manage to find a few items..but not for my oreo cheese cake. so i decided to go to another bakery shop which is somewhere in rawang…at the same time i’ve look for my craft-love cage materials which has been order by my customer 2 weeks ago.
SAT- my attempt to do a chill oreo cheese cake is quite unsuccessful…don’t know y but the cake doesn’t taste like secret recipe cake…huhuhu. maybe my whipping cream is more than wat its required n the fresh milk is juz up to my like…hehe not really measure as per here are the picture of my cheese cake.. hubby comment" long as it doesn’t taste totally diffnt n run fr the taste of cheese n oreo..then it should be fine…. " ah..luv u syg…so encouraging eventhough sometimes make me mad wif his unsensitive humor.
SUN - my cupcake turns to be fine as per expected….orange flavor is my choice this time but forgot to add grated orange skin..which for sure will giv an awesome taste to the cc. in the afternoon rite after lunch i can’t wait to do the frosting part..n finally deco. Manage to finish up wif all the cc - 35 of its..then for sure all of its goes to my neighbour n 15 of its for my beloved office mates…
cc5 cc4
so next time will be another flavor…….another deco/design…hahaha i’m mad wif this icing deco..squeze the nozzle n create wateva u want..wateva u imagine ..wateva u like..wateva comes to ur mind…n wateva sense u hv…that is simple as that..sprinkles the cc wif ur own idea n creativeness..chewah…!!!

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