Saturday, July 5, 2008

Again…my cupcake n cheesecake

yezzaaaaaaaaaa…still not bored n give up wif all this baking i made up my mind agian this weekend, wanna try another cheese cake n cupcakes wif another design…a lot of deco tips i have explore fr the internet n design fr other peoples blog but guess wat…only this pattern turn out on my cupcake - carrot cc (oops..diffnt flavor lak!! n its taste not so bad..but if i mix carrot wif raisin it will giv a better taste)
IMGP0928 IMGP0926 IMGP0927
sotas..n star drop is the only techniques im applying n the rest is up to my crazy mind that time…huhuhahahehe, not to forget im using up my bal of gumpaste flower fr my deco class (issh dunt worry, its last long n will not expired so soonnnn!!)..anyhow the idea of using orange as a color of the day…??? erm not so i thinking of zahid-AF or he is thinking of me that time…huhuhu..actually im trying out new icing color which i bought fr WILTON products (glamor n fab cake deco brand in the world…?? ya ker) in PJ - this part actually would like to giv a ct to my hubby since bsusah payah dia pi gak cari kedai tu utk beli i nya icing color on friday…thaax SYG..mmg syg la kat SYG ~ undivided LOVE n PAtienT..
ohoh..the day before im already done wif my cheese cake..this time simple bake cheese cake….no more chill..bake. n its appear nice in the cake tin but when i took out it juz another thin layer of cheesecake…. x cukup tebal larr utk deco..i hv plan to deco its with blueberry topping n buttercream icing but…nevermind larr will try again next week n giv a shot by deco its wif my earlier plan!!! the taste…. erm a thumb up fr me n 5 star strike frm my hubby…hehe i guess since he said "this look n taste like SECRET RECIPE" take a loook…..
ok lar enuf for today n untill here……maybe this few weeks im crazy in baking so bare wif me n my blog niiiiiiiiiiiiii.
food n mood….so the intimate feelings, if 1 miss..= hancussssss, so combined both..= good result!! CHEERIO n happy eating.