Thursday, February 21, 2008

*DIDI my pet

this is my lovely cat – DIDI…at 1st its a stray cat which comes to any house to get some food, but becoz of his cuteness me n hubby decide to adopt it as our pet n name him DIDI.
wat i can said about him- active, so darn cute espc while sleeping n kuat mkn too n lastly kuat membuang..perghhhhhhhhh, x ingat!! well kalu dah kuat mkn mesti lar kena membuang la plak kan…normal lar tu…hehehehe
for e’ beginning we let him sleep n play in e’ house even when both of us out for we prepared everything for, water n place for his litter…but as time goes by, we cant face wif e’ smell producing by his litter, then e’ case we put outside of our house – wet kitchen n let a little opening of e’ back door to allow him in n out whenever he needs to.
my hubby will bath him once a week. n we feed him with steam fish+rice n friskies..he grows big so fast..n we really entertain by his activeness…lari sana sini n lompat2. 
anyway e’ cutest part of him is his sleeping actions…yuk intai!!!
IMGP0586 IMGP0524 IMGP0536_edited

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