Friday, September 3, 2010


back to hometown after few mths is really a moment i’m waiting for so long….it was like a yrs not back to my kg…rindunyerrrrr.

so last weekend i’m back to my sweet hometown – PEKAN, a royal town for phg state..wif my hubby. we took an old road for this trip since we want to avoid a dull environment along e’ hiway which can lead to a boring time n sleepy mode. well nothing much is diffnt n changing along e’ roadside to ktn…but i’m just excited…hahaha.

during my stay of 2 nites, i manage to went down to e’ small town of pekan..actually its not small anymore, few things has changed…few buildings has been built in, lot of new shop lots has arise n more new brand banks, food outlets n branded shops is available…hehehe pekan is like no more pekan..its a town wif a small older name – pekan!! maybank, cimb, muamalat, bank islam, bank rakyat, tabung haji is here…near to each other. lg snang since its been located in a small town within reach jer…x yah spend a lot of time n petrol to go here n there….like in kl…huuh..jam some more!!


there is KFC, MYDIN..AVON which is quite interesting when those outlet is here…seen e’ happening n lively of this town. hahaha..

BTW since last friday is a public holiday cont wif weekend n after that is follow by MERDEKA day on tuesday, therefore many people opt to cont e’ holiday untill tuesday n for a city people this is a good time to went back to their hometown n spend few days of fasting with their beloved ones in kg…that is y, pekan all of sudden so full of people espc in pasar tani pg n bazar ramadhan. RAMAI bangat….sesak nafas den…

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but this is not always happen…its like twice a yr during special festive season for muslim n also during sultan pahang will be lots n lots of fun n happenings in e’ town…

will back again RAYA time coz its my turn to spend 1st raya with my family this yr….adios!!

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