Thursday, July 15, 2010

my ORDER..

pay here n there…PSB still left few $ in its time to shop..furthermore my colleague is going to US for e’ UC2010 i’m thinking of placing few things to be bought frm there since everybody is saying CHEAP!! apa yg cheap..i’m not going to spend a lot on branded item which i’m not really like n afford so..i go for GUESS brand jer. the order goes to Emily..she’s been there under co buss for a lot of need to count, n she herself dah bored tau..huhu sronotnya if i lar yg leh replace her to go..…so below are some of e’ item i pesan..
guess 3 guess-newyorkbag
GUESS watch for hubby n GUESS handbag for me….budget for both USD90 jer…hahaha can get??? get it or not..we wait untill next entry….

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