Thursday, July 15, 2010

onLINE shopping

alkisah…lot of time already sneaking in to this blog..’ tudung collections really attracts me..but in term of pricing..well quite expensive, BTW when i’m considering of my time cost n travelling cost to go n buy at e’ famous jln TAR..everything goes reasonable. yes..worth it to buy n to TRY..coz this is gonna be my 1st online shopping..NERVOUS u…takut kena tipu n takut bila dah dpt, its not satisfy me n out of my expectation..huhu..
i would like to have few patterns scarf to be add in my personal collections coz i have only 1 rite now…so need to hv more to be wear wif my plain shirt or blouse….so i decide to hv blue n pink, however e’ pink scarf design n color was not so in to me – cancel. change to green…
so below is my choices of design for those 2 colors: BLUE
**gambar dah kena delete oleh tuan blog…i x simpan lak dlm my like that lorrr**

so which one did i choose??? jeng2…

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