Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dear BLOG

it has been a yr i did not post any updates in here..actually this is more towards my daily life activities but i guess its all depends on ur will n interest about writing..if u r really into it so ur dearie blog will be interesting n full of posting..wateva e’ title or u want to talk about..all can be done.
for me, its all about e’ mood n will….not about my interest n patient coz this is not into me so much…that is Y…my blog is like THIS!!! :-)
BTW now i’m trying to put back some effort in writing…blog writing..fill in the emptiness in my life n looking for some time in my busiest days…maybe this can help to cheer up my routine. therefore i guess if really i want to write about everythings happen in my daily life i need to have this 2 items:
  • lite n ez to carry laptop..
  • new h/p wif camera..(i’m having old one but its life last long..i guess old one is better in term of life span even not hi-tech) jatuh lar mcm mana pun still function u!!
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then i can be actively snap here n there n upload n write about it…hehehe. so wish my wish list comes true this yr!!

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