Thursday, August 26, 2010

GAStric pain

huhu..yesterday i had this gastrik pain due to e’ drink frm tin – LONGAN syrup which i make it as a drink for breaking fast n as usual all e’ fruits inside i’m e’ one who loves longan will eat it up all w/out compromise….hahaha, but e’ effect is not immediately.
sample jerr ni (what can i say – i did not check on e’ expiry date of this can syrup) my FAULT..huhulongans
mng, i’m still manage woke up for sahur n for sure wif full of attn to fasting today. rite after finish my sahur n lepak in front of tv wif my hubby while waiting for subuh, my stomach start to feel diffnt.
perut mula rasa kembung, masuk angin n start rasa angin mencucuk…i try to rub wif balm but it doesnt workout..then dgn minyak cap kapak plak….huhu still pain is there..n its getting worst every minutes…i run frm bedroom to wahroom..feel like want to vomit but at e’ same time stomach pain is getting worst. i can’t barely stand straight..i hv to bend down..or if i’m lying down then i hv to bend in m leg…huhu..seriously pain..
hubby decide to bring me to clinic but still hv to wait around 1 hr before clinic is open….pity me. arrive there without waited long since i’m e’ only n 1st patient that mng so i’m in to c e’ doc. explain a bit n doc ask me to lying down for inspection..yes my stomach is working hard due to e’ acid. she gave me an injection to release frm e’ pain..n im willingly agreed since this is e’ only way can reduce e’ pain…so as a conclusion BATAL ler puasa eden ari ni!!! x per arr..nama pun x sihat..leh memudaratkan kalu teruskan lucky its still mng..x ler rasa rugi sgt pun…but apa2 pun kena ganti juga later on!!
therefore my plan for yesterday was cancelled – went to bank for opening a current account, collect medicine for my little niece – Ayong Raihan n see my gynae doc.
all to be postponed untill when…erm only GOD knows when it will happen coz we as human, we only can plan but GOD will grant it to happen or not. AMIN!!

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