Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5th day FASTING

well since this yr fasting mth start on weekdays therefore as usual i’ll be doing my shopping for breaking fast like previous yr…beli jer…no time to cook as i reach home around 6pm. some more it just 2 of us…we prefer buy outside food n take back to our home sweet home. save!
but for weekend, after coming back frm my in-law house i do some cooking frm the fresh sea food she brought all e’ way frm KK which is ikan kerapu, tenggiri n few big squid. i’m so excited to cook all that..but for that day i’m juz manage to do ikan kerapu sweet sour n fried squid for breaking fast while sotong masak kicap for sahur…simple. not to forget i fried a home made curry puff which was made during my stay at my in-law house.
 m_IMG_3062 m_IMG_3065m_IMG_3063 m_IMG_3064
so wait until next weekend for another cooking story…hahaha. working lady is like that i guess… ;-)

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