Friday, August 13, 2010

Refresh: lil BRO engagement

my bro engagement in mac’10…i think school holiday is a wedding/engagement holiday n there full of wedding/engage invitation n for me as a part-time wedding gift deco it keeps me bz too…
for my bro i did last minute shopping for her hantaran deco..i opt to use fresh orchids which is ez to get frm my nearby nursery at my housing area…so mng b4 we make a move, i’ll stop by at nursery to collect my order.
m_IMG_2043 m_IMG_2045
reach my hometown in afternoon around 2pm..having lunch n get ready to deco all e’ hantaran…fuuh lucky i have my sisters around to help n also my dear niece tukang menyibuk n bertanya byk…
so e hantaran looks like this larrrrrr ..yg orkid tu yerr
this hantaran will go to CHINI…hahaha..jauhnya perjalanan frm pekan to chini..around 2 hrs journey…hope e’ freshness can last long.
after engagement ceremony, we had our lunch with curry chicken, ikan keli berlada, sambal belacan n fried vegie. SUPERB…tasty..lapar n kena dgn tekak..cuma x teringat nak tambah nasi jer..coz x tahan panas plak…sweating giler.
m_IMG_2116 m_IMG_2115
BTW ni ler adik den n fiancee… SEMOGA BERKEKALAN hingga jinjang pelamin….

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