Friday, August 20, 2010

air ASIA – RM1 promo

heeya..e’ excitement begins frm e’ day me n hubby manage to book e’ RM1 ticket for our vacation. Juz imagine we spent abt 3 hrs frm 12midnite till 3am to do e’ date search, booking n little of survey to e’ places we want to go.
we planned to bring my parents to Bandung n our own vacation to Hyderabad or Hong Kong. But as usual can’t manage to grab e’ rm1 ticket to bandung, but its even we check out other destination, finally we stop at siem reap in may’11 – n there is rm1 for return trip..hhahahaha..ok ler..we book for 4 adult but try to add in my PIL, since we r not sure whether they can follow or not – we put on hold for them.
angkor wat
then after 1st booking we do search for our own trip plak…jeng2 we manage to book rm1 return trip to krabi in july’11. ok that is it…must grab this opportunity since dah lama plan nak pergi this place but alwiz hv barriers…so hopfully this time everything goes smoothly.
so wait till we’ve been there…

1 comment:

  1. wehh annn x aci tul lahhh .. booking lah utk aku sekali .. leh aar aku joint ko .. nak jugakkk
    ko nie dah tahukan aku nieh kalau x der ko aku x dpt lah merasa nak jalan2 nieh .. nak harapkan abg abas , jgn harap lahh .. dia x pandai lahhh ak bawak aku dan anak2 niehhh

    sampaiiii ati kooo .. booking utk ummi jerk .. aku nak jugak joint .. huhuhuh