Friday, December 3, 2010


citer dah lapuk..almaklum masa deepavali nya cuti, so x per arrr, sdiri mau tulis dlm blog terchinta..

dah lama plan dgn hubby nak bjalan2 kat mlk…cuti raya lepas sempat bermalam smlman kat mlk due to hectic travelling frm phg to jhr n nak trus lik ke nilai….kami kpenatan n lastly decide utk tido di mlk jer…so sempat ler tgk bdr mlk waktu mlm…trus jatuh cinta..n we decide to hv  a proper visit skali lg.

so this is the perfect day we choose..Deepavali which fall on friday n cont with weekend off…we hv 3 days n 2 nite to stay in melaka. but this time e’ newlywed couple@lil bro is following wif dear wifey.

earlier we book a hotel which almost all hotel we prefer hv been sold out for e’ date…i wanted to stay at Avillion Legacy Melaka, coz e’ building is nice n look grande frm outside..its looks like a historic castle in e’ middle of town. however we replaced it wif NAZA Talya Hotel, a quite brand new hotel in m’sia i guess, under e’ mgmt of naza group of co….hehehe betul ka?? eden teka jer…lantak ler…itu info yg x silap aku terima dr adik ipar bebrepa thn lepas semasa dia masih bkerja dgn naza ler…hikhik..i like e’ hotel wif a modern clean cut contemporary looks, its really up to my taste n worth paying for, however they dont hv a swimming pool, so for those who loves to swim, this hotel is not fulfil ur needs.

Accommodation INFO: its a deluxe room – rm220/nite wif breakfast for 2 during weekend coz superior only come in 2 single bed jer OK!! frust skit..coz hv to pay extra for double bed ni….however bila sampai sana our room has been upgraded to junior x der lar interesting sgt pun cuma e’ room quite spacious n ada ler ready available iron n hair dryer..

visited PLACES: 1st day arrived along e’ road sempat singgah balai cerap AL-KHWARIZMI tempat tgk anak bulan, tp syg skali dah tutup coz its almos time for friday prayer, maka kami cuma snap few picture jer even x dpt masuk. e’ entrance fee if i’m not mistaken is only rm3/head.


later we proceed to pantai tanjung BIDARA coz it just along e’ strecth of e’ hiway jer..again amik2 gambar jer..nothing much, org x ramai n air laut pun x biru..view n angin yg menghembus jer yg mnarik perhatian kami..


1st nite after mkn2 di rumah mak sdara kami jln2 di bdr melaka, we go for a ride of PIRATE ship n FERRIS wheel yg located next to e’ melaka e’ view is nice espc at nite..lots of lampu warna warni plus e’ weather is quite cool coz its almost raining. e’ charge fee is rm10/head for each ride…its fun!!

then we have a nice MELAKA RIVER cruise..untill i fall asleep dlm boat tu..hahaha coz i’m not a type can wake up all nite – dah kul 11lbih masa tu n i’m a mng person k..puas my hub perli tp my eyes still cant open. some more angin yg bertiup tgh mlm buat ngantuk bertambah2..hahaha. e’ fare is rm10/head n its worth it coz its almost 1 hr boat ride wif entertainment of old songs n little bit of info abt e’ places we pass by along e’ river. hv a try beb!!

******************** TIDOR TIME*************************

2nd day.. we are heading towards alor gajah for A-Famosa Safari World. e’ fare is rm48/head including lunch set in e’ safari park. For me half a day tour in e’ park nothing much interest me other than their shows – multi animal show, wild2 west, elephant n bird show.

IMG_0131 IMG_0105

 m_06112010327 wild2 WEST show..

m_06112010331 MULTI animal show

m_06112010338 BIRD show…e’ fund raiser show too..hahaha

m_06112010359 ELEPHANT cute all e’ ephies.. ;)

nite time - actually at 1st nak naik menara taming sari on e’ 1st day arrived, tp queue punya ler pjg n e’ fare is expensive – rm20/person coz time tu leh tgk sunset..huh so cancel jer..2nd nite baru naik..they charge rm15 which supposed rm10 jer tp ada extra buahtgn iaitu air kotak n muffin satu..erm..what to say..leh arr. then lik hotel…

******************** TIDOR TIME*************************

3rd day..we checked out around sharp 12pm..on e’ way back we have a stop @ rembau n give a visit to Makam Raja Melewar n his replica musuem. we spent around 1 hr at e’ museum when there is somebody who took care of e’ museum wif open heart tell us e’ story of this Raja thanx to…ooo, ooo  i’m forgot to ask his name..dui..BTW entrance fee is free.


cont part 2 yer..nxt week…

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