Monday, November 12, 2007

sect 18 – Bdr Anggerik (SA)

Yes sect 18 shah alam….i was there last night after attending open house of my officemates at sect 24…RAYA n SYAWAL is still on….
its really amaze me a lot with the changes happen to the area which i used to stay for about 6 yrs agoooooooooo..can’t imagine it turns to be a quite happening place especially when there is students residents around there.
the place which i used to eat for dinner - the stalls right next to the small giant (now its growing already…) was turns to be a mall called "ole-ole"…the empty field next to the female hostel turns to be a row of shop houses - i guess….with mydin mart as one of the shops. hah….its really giv a new look to sect 18 - as for me laaaaa…quite surprise with the development…so fast n so amazing….
so when i was there…i’ve try to recall some of my memories when i was studying in Uitm sect 17….the place is quite peaceful. giant is the place for me to buy some refreshments, the stalls n mamak restaurants become my second option after bored with the food inside the hostel…..quite a variety outside there actually…but time pass by…some places hv to stay n some hv to go….so here are the new look of sect 18 n maybe it will be some more changes in the future,…wo knows…
here in sect 18, i learn to study…learn to fall in love again…learn to trust another person…n last but not least, learn to learn everything that i can…

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