Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ayuTHAYYA-AD 2010

citer lama …
having AD every yr is just like a culture to every co..n same goes to my co..nothing more interesting in my co other than waiting for annual increment, bonus and dinner bash..that's all, at least for us frm admin dept…maybe for some others colleague they can wait for their turn to go to US for ESRI annual UC n maybe to attend some other conference in other countries n training courses held in other places…which is they got a chance to travel n sightseeing of other places while working…but for n work @ office n alwiz n forever in office…BORED!!!
so this time as usual, e’ restaurant pick by our only country mgr mr DB. so hopefully e’ dish is fabulously delicious as per talk coz my vote has been rejected to hv e’ AD at KL many complaints saying that e’ food is that rite?? however for me everywhere, food is almost e’ what makes it different is the environment…i’ve never been to kl tower that is e’ main reason on y i want to be there…ok ler kan. i dont care about e’ food since i’m not a good eater though!! asal leh telan jd ler..ok jer.
                                          pictures frm google net
dinner start around 7.30 n finish almost 9.30pm..ada karoake yg mcm x ok coz ada yg miming n malu2 gitu..almaklum nyanyi depan bos2 kan…nak sporting camna sgt pun…dgn kenkawan lain ar…but for sure i’m not singing..i’m just a good listener to e’ singer n espc to my dear hubby.
having a great time with all e’ colleagues…n so enjoying e’ food n there is one dish call chicken green curry, i’m not even taste it..n don’t feel regret at all…comment for its super duper tom yam…huh for me its a super fake…they use e’ tom yam paste not originally made by them so e’ taste is sweet n sour yg x bepa sedap for my tekak n to others too.
however its sweet sour fish n butter shrimp is nice….others 4 dishes is so n so as for me. am i going to come again n spend my own money to eat here? hoho oh NO n NO…
m_P1020059 m_P1020050 m_P1020051 m_P1020053 m_P1020057
i’m back around 10pm ….tq to co for belanja2 mkn tahunan ni!!
**perut kekenyangan..jump into own car n, good im still alive to hv nice chit chat wif mr hub till end of e’ road!!

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