Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bowling & OH

bowling tournament wif office colleagues on 23/9/11 @ sunway pyramid mega lanes – my team won e’ 3rd place out of 4 team (huh..kira ok ler..sib bkn yg last place kan) n as an individual me as a 9th bowler out of 16 bowlers….haha teramat ler truk my ranking…huhu. however i do enjoy it..let hv some more fun activities like this again n again!!

m_DSCN2722 m_DSCN2728 m_DSCN2731


the nxt day azlina (also office mate) is having her open house so we having mkn2 espc for office colleagues around 12-2.30pm..e’ food is variety n super delicious. thanx azlina!!

m_DSCN2750 m_DSCN2744 m_DSCN2745 m_DSCN2746                     m_DSCN2747 m_DSCN2748 m_DSCN2749

                         ~oopps ada adengan censored kat tepi tu….hahaha~

p/s: sorry..muka tuan umah x der la plak…camera pun org lain cengitu lar gayanya.

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