Monday, February 13, 2012

value buy PHOTObook

Open-mouthed smileteramat happy which finally dpt juga beli photo book..all this while tgk kenkawan jer yg beli n dah buat..envy giler..coz outcomenya cantik sgt laarrrrrrrrrrrr + berbaloi2 gitu. so puas ler juga menunggu groupon buat offer or mana2 deals kan tp sampai end of yr pun x 1/02/12 hr tu photobook malaysia itself ada buat promo..apa lg..GRAB ler…n x nak rugi n tertunggu lg maka me grab 2 trus..x byk pun tp jd lar dr x least ada kan. so promo dia mcm utk valentine tp me beli utk tujuan yg x pasti lg…eh pasti..ermm Winking smile wateva…


Photobook Malaysia
Show your love this Valentine’s Day.

Shower your loved one with the gift of celebrating lovely memories.

We’re playing cupid this Valentine’s Day to help you show your loved ones just how much you mean to them. Relive and celebrate memories of romance with our 72-hour only sale. Enjoy 75% off on a Medium Landscape Imagewrap book, filled with your love stories for that special someone.

RM64 jer…Surprised smile

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