Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anniversarry…then MERDEKA!!

4th Happy Anniversary to me n hubby……..emm going to 5 yrs…well we do celebrate nothing that day since we went back quite late that nite n trap in a massive traffic on the higway back to house….but manage to spend sometime with julie n kay - having our dinner at m’cd jer…..
4yrssss…..sweet n sour n spicy n everything ler….a lot or little doesn’t count, the most important things is we manage to get thru it n we survived!!!! Even our marriage does not bless with kids yet but we still happy n will always happy even sometime do feel jealous to the other couple but we look at the good side n think of the best reason y we does not bless with child yet….its GOD job…n it will n we never know…
anyway thanks GOD for the times u gave to me n my hubby to understand more abt each other, so that we learn the loves, cares, patience, mad, crazy, anger in a good manner n……….manage to hold up tightly untill now…n 4eva..
wat can i say…life is challenging, time pass by n u will never know wat will happen but at least u can plan for the my life marriage also the same…we undergo so many feelings this 4 yrs but would like to thank to my beloved hubby..Mr WAN SAIFUL HAFEZ AMRAN…ur patience n self attributes are match to me…(bak kata org..api n air..last long..x leh api n api…tbakar!!!).
u knows…women..sensitive n unpatience….so same goes to me sometime ler….so he is my man..who can tolerate, ctrl n understand me…even sometime NO…this one cannot deny or lie…every second our attitude will be diffnt so time by time we learn to adapt…
so…..i pray our marriage will last 4eva n many good things will come thru to our journey…..n "dimurahkan rezeki" (yg ini byk maknanya…….hehehe :)

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