Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bandung n Jkt..here we come!!

after almost eight months of waiting n planning, finally its comes true….we flew with the wings n pass the cloudy skies, full of excitement n energy, i once again in another part of my days…..bandung n jkt, here i comes.
14 & 15/8: our flight is the 1st flight of the day…but my night before so tiring n exhausting…back fr work hv to stay at julie’s house..luckily she willing to pick me up fr office..thanx fren..(actually we going to share the moments together so..we r excited to share the luggage contents info ler…… n many more b4 we were there..!) my hubby back late fr meeting…what a lifestyle of businnessman..hehehe, need to adjust yo…i’m left alone here…
missed out my fav tv prog prison break, coz bz chat with julie…never ending chatting once we met… :) 12am my hubby got back fr meeting…i left julies house at almost 1am…tq for the big wide blue comforter..got me to sleep for 5mins which is really meaningful.
5.30am julie arrived at my inlaws house….my lovely caring MIL prepare some nasi goreng n mee goreng 4 our early breakfast that mng..tq mak…no need to spend out yet in the flight…6.15 we check in..late already..flight at 7am, counter almost closed…run here n there, julie n the guys managed to perform subuh prayer while me rest in the surau..rite after that we que up with the rest to get in the flight…we r the last person so…wat to expect, the last seat was like has been reserved for 4 of us….no recline..sleep like statue ler…..
touched down at 9.30am m’sia n 8.30am indon time..they r late by 1 hr…welcome wish fr soekarno hatta airport…our supir is here already, waiting for us by waiving julie’s name….IBU Juliana Idris…hehehe. We began our trip to bandung -……. with kijang/toyota innova thru bogor n puncak… hv our breakfast at the R&R on the highway..but sad to say ours is much more better, nice place, clean to eat n rest n relax n etc….
Cont our trip…the intention to start shopping at FO (factory outlet) in Bogor has swept away when our supir refuse to bring us there since we will stuck in traffic if we enter bogor area….so julie n i got nothing to say about it anymore but for our guys, they 4 sure happy with it….save $ n energy, therefore we straight heading to tmn safari.
Enter in…the first animal we saw is zebra, the white and black stripes macho horses on the road right beside our car. then the list of the animals goes on…..reindeer, llalma, rhino, hippo, giraffe, crocodile; bear; org utan, monkey,elephant n etc…alot of animals n we really satisfied…the most ever experience that we cannot forget is facing with tigers n lions…we screamed n enjoy the moments espc my hubby…really enjoy the visit, he took a lot of animal pictures n managed to snap his own picture with the animal as a background.
Later we proceed to puncak…a cozy, snowy (hehe..), misty n cold area as i can describe it….ala2 cameron gitu…we drop by for lunch at the peak of puncak known as puncak pass…this area full of coffee, tobacco n tea plantations, but i dont seem in loved with their tea…..same goes to others…soriiiiiii
IMGP1268 IMGP1272
posing jap kat pit-stop puncak..cool & breezyyy beb…mcm cameron lar gitu!!
Noon we arrived at our hotel…4.30pm. check in n my feelings that time, waaaaaaa the hotel is so nice…like a resort hotel..even its only a 3 star hotel. we put in our luggage n as for me n julie, our activities has to start….but we got into 1 of the nearby restaurant with a seafood as a main course, we dine in n start to order 4 our dinner. we r having otak2, cumi goreng tepung, ikan krapu sweet sour, taugeh goreng, n for sure fresh juices to wet off our thirsty. guess…for 4 persons dinner it only cost us for about Rp170k = RM65….damn cheap my dear….we really full that nite
 76228937831l IMGP1297
take a walk down to one of the famous FO in bandung…Rumah Mode…start to look for blouse, jeans n shirts…same goes to guys, start to choose n pick n try….hubby manage to get some t-shirts but not for me,then with a tiring legs n exhausted body after a long journey, we decided to cont shopping tomorrow. back to the hotel..
16/8: woke up early..the excitement to explore cannot be hold anymore…hv a simple breakfast in cold weather. start the day with heading towards the travel agent office - make payment n proceed to Pasar Baru, heaven place for shopping person like Julie……..she really2 do……rm40; all sorts of kebaya sulam, nice, colourful, cheap n attractive..the embroidery so fine….same goes to beaded n embroidery blouse…here in m’sia u can only get with RM60-70 but there it will only cost u Rp70-85k = RM28 - RM34….
still shopping…n almost half of the day has been spend out in Pasar Baru but never still wanna let it go…still goes round n round…hv a lunch at the food court "pak chi met - ikan bakar" for 4 pax it only cost for Rp60k = RM24
around 5pm we moved out to the other places which is heaven for shoppaholic too…dago street - famous with FO such as Blossom, Jetset, Famous n many more…we start to explore the area when its almost dark…my hubby already showed his bored face towards the shopping activities, so he spent his time with a cup of coffee in each n every FO we stopped by…well sometime i will teman him if there is nothing special in the FO…but what can i said…all the FO is actually selling the same items, only the price make it diffnt a bit..not much..n may be u might find that ur size is not availbale then u hv to go fr 1 FO to another FO…thats all.
IMGP1346 17
end up our day with a dinner in our hotel…since the food is cheap we decided to spent our last night by having dinner in the hotel…later we call for massage services, it cost only Rp200k=RM80 for both of us..service in our own room, at nite……we enjoyed it..as we really feel fresh the next morning…so wat we can said is ..its cheap for 1 hr each person…
17/8: start to pack all the things…hv a breakfast n still hv time to spend some $ at Rumah Mode…can resist to bought something b4 we moved on our trip to jkt…
having some shopping spree at one of e’ famous FOS in Bandung – rumah MODE..its a walking distance fr our hotel..just imagine, dah nak balik still sempat stop by for last “investment $$$”
ini tempat2 rehat outside the FOS..very relaxing n green…
Supir is waiting for us, then we proceed to tangkuban perahu..1 of the best place to visit if u were here….volcano spots..1 hr drive fr bandung…once we reach there, we smell the sulfur smoke…this is fr the volcano, even its not active anymore but the kawah still smoky…..look around for 30 min while our supir went for lunch then we start to leave…stop by to 1 of the Sunda restaurant, we took our lunch there… a bit expensive bcoz its a tourist fav restaurant..but wat can i said..the food is not up to my taste.. moved on to jkt.
IMGP1390 18
Arrived around 4.30pm..check in n laid rest for a while..explore the hotel while having a free 10 min foot massage in front of the pool….at nite we tapau some lauk fr padang restaurant nearby to the hotel…all the shops is closed due to the independence day of I’sia which is that day….17 Augustus..ehehe .julie n me prepare some brahims instant dish for our dinner n we joined eating in my room for the nite dinner….zzzzzzzzzz
18/8: went to Tanah Abang..another shopping spot in jkt…famous with kebaya, blouses, handbags, jubah, telekung, batik n many more at a cheap price…julie n me still doing some shopping…shop untill u drop………………………………back to the hotel, we earlier hv informed the hotel that we r going to hv a late check out for tomorrow since our flight has been delayed fr 8.55 to 9.55pm…wat a pitty, but still hv time to shop ler….
19/8: we walked down to pasar pagi mangga dua, but b4 we reach there julie’s already ask to take tut2 to go there…(she’s good in shopping but not in enjoying the moments n scenery of the places we travel….:)) so the couple took tut2 to reach the place but me n hubby still decided to take a walk…n after puas bjlan…here our turn with tut2.
76250993287l 76251309078l
do some more last shopping…went back to the hotel…late check out, we hv a complaints n quarell with the hotel management since we hv informed them regarding our late chek out but the request does not been keyed in their system…so wat a lousy hotel n can’t believed when they ask us to pay only by cc or Rp…USD is not accepted…what ashamed..a 3 star hotel in jkt is not accepted USD fr tourist…so wat can i said the hotel…
76249779020l sparks hotel..is not recommended..pls find other hotel which is more experience in dealing with tourist.
depart at 9.55pm..arrived around 11.55pm….so the trip/vacation end here…SAYONARA jkt n bdg….

will be back with next TRIP…chewah..mudah2han ada rezeki utk honeymoon every yr with my hubby or maybe with my family….

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