Friday, July 3, 2009

finale – PRISON Break

one of e’ best series i ever watched…introduce by my beloved hubby n get addicted to it fr 1st episodes to another seasons n till it end. its all about two brothers; one who, as of the pilot, has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other, a genius, who devises an elaborate plan to help him escape prison.
….its all about how a genius people think over e’ boundaries n react spontaneous intelligently to solve all e’ problems faced by them…fuuh..wonder e’ mastermind behind he/she that genius or its a combination of ideas fr e’ genius mind.
anyway e’ end as i can conclude - an anti klimaks. how come hero died, its really a sad ending n very touching moments at e’ cemetry..what a tough life hv to be face by sara all alone wif michael jr…erm..i don’ t like that!!! huhuhuhu
u can get most of e’ info fr here
e’ character vs actor (whom i like e’ most – their character is alive!!)
  1. michael scofield – wenworth miller
  2. lincoln burrows – dominic purcell
  3. dr sara tancredi - sarah wayne callies
  4. alex mahone – william fichtner
  5. fernando sucre – amaury nolasco
  6. theodore “T-BAG” bagwell – robert knepper
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