Friday, July 3, 2009

TRANSFormers – revenge o’ e’ fallen

5 thumbs up!!!! great n good movies…full of actions n gain a great satisfaction.
me n hubby went to watch this movie last sunday. ticket has been book early 1 week online n yes e’ advantage of booking online is we can choose our seats – 2nd row fr behind….a very strategic n nice spot to watch this kind of movies..right angle will give a right view to all e’ scenario n scenes.
our show start at 8.15pm n it runs for 2 hrs – finish at 10.15pm..full house!! GSC one utama new wing - overall e’ story is nice n full of laughter for certain2 scenes..n e’ rest full o’ actions compared to previous transformers.
e’ synopsis
When the story begins, the Autobots and the military have been waging a secret war against the Decpticons. As more of the giant robots continue to resurface, though, it becomes apparent the Transformers have been part of Earth’s history for longer than they’d led mankind to believe. One group of bureaucrats even womders if the Decepticons are only appearing because of the Autobot presence. Desperate not to leave Earth undefended, Optimus Prime turns to Sam and asks him to become a human advocate, someone who will convince mankind that the Autobots should be allowed to saty. Sam refuses to believe he can help, though, wanting to go to college and live a normal life - as normal as possible with the strange thoughts and visions that have haunted him since being exposed to the All Spark’s primal energies two years earlier. Alas, Sam’s refusal will have harsh consequences for himself, the Autobots and possibly the entire world. The Decepticons fallen leader, Megatron has been resurrected and brings with him an ancient evil from the Transformers own history.
hope they will be another sequel for this movie – going to miss u yarrr (bumblebee@e’ camaro)
more fr here: info
e’ casts
Shia_LaBeouf_ Megan_Fox
  1. peter cullen voices optimus prime
  2. mark ryan voices bumblebee
  3. hugo weaving voices megatron
  4. tony todd voices e’ fallen
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