Tuesday, November 1, 2011

what in NUMBer 1.11.11??

this is my number for this yr….finally i’ve got the nice number to celebrate on for my 32th birthday – CORRECTION hahah 33 OK…x sdar diri la plak. 11111….i’m number one!! betul ker i’m number one? hahaha wateva…yg penting i’m really glad n thankful to ALLAH for the blessing he gave me on this age….semuga aku dpt jd hamba yg soleh n isteri yg solehah n one fine day as a good mummy to my kids..AMIN.

for me nothing much to ask on these special day…coz i’m not a romantic person, so i don't expect much even frm mr hub n very lucky that our trip to IPOH last week is a besday treat by mr hub for me – he said…so ok ler…i do enjoy e’ short trip by visiting his buss colleague…n jln2 mkn2 disana….lg meriah dpt berjumpa org dr ber2 jer..coz our life is already mostly about juz e’ two of us…so much privacy thru all these 8yrs of our marriage..so its ok to share e’ special day wif others indirectly.


officially i wish my self…selamat hr lahir..semuga aku lebih menyayangi diri n menghargai sisa2 masa yg tiada kepastian ini dgn mensyukuri segala yg diberiNYA n tidak lupa menunaikan tanggungjawab ku sebagai khalifahNYA di muka bumi ini..AMIN.

p/s**: trip to jkt n ipoh will need sometimes to post…still searching for time n mood here :)

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