Friday, November 11, 2011

ETS to Ipoh…{day 1}

its a fine weekend. mr hub already planned to hv a short trip to ipoh a week after I’m back frm as for me, this is another sweet weekend to spend on wif mr hub after a weekend of husbandless. we took ETS frm rawang ktm station at 11.20am. for info – ETS hv 3 types of tickets which gives you diffnt in train service wif diffnt departure time. it’s a platinum, gold n silver..what can I say gold n silver ticket gives a same service, no diffnt but obviously diffnt in price n departure time. as for me we don’t hv so much choice…we cant wait to depart late since we want to arrive a bit early for us to check in to our hotel n later on visiting mr hub friends laundry shop…so we took gold ticket which cost us rm31/way.
dlm ETS ni seat nya cantik (almaklum baru lg kot…tp rupa2nya dah stahun..ETS is celebrating its 1st yr anniversary- frm e’ banner hanging around the ipoh train hall station Laughing out loud). seat bleh diadjust..much more better dr seat flight air asia pastinya..more spacious plus tempat mkn kat seat pun mcm dlm flight..COMFORTABLE!! each gerabak ada tv tayang filem for entertainment sepanjang perjalanan n kat tv ada tunjuk speed train…plg tinggi speed train yg aku naik ni is 145km/hr. ok sgt..n they only stop at few station jer..which makes travelling hours only 1n half hr jer…..I like!

btw dekat station ktm tu sdiri ada monumen peringatan n pokok ipoh….(x tahu lak ipoh asal dr nama sebatang pokok ek..Winking smile)

frm e’ ipoh station we walk to our hotel..which took 15min walking time. along e’ road I can see so many old building being preserved by e’ perak govt ..cantik bangunan2 lama ni tau..cuba tgk .

dlm kul 1 kami sampaihotel n check in..well hotel ni mcm biasa kami book thru internet agen Agoda..rega cuma rm69 + tax rm11=rm80..sgt2 la berbaloi..selesa. cantik n di area bandar..x susah nak cari n surrounding pun byk kdai cuma bila weekend bdr ipoh ni mcm mati skit..x da kedai yg buka except for shopping mall..agak membosankan Sarcastic smile

rite after check in n relax2 jap dlm sejam kami get ready to be pick up by mr hub fren to his shop…so kami melawat 3 kedai laundry pd hr tu jer dr ptg hingga ke mlm..almost 1 o’clock baru lik hotel n mmg penat..trus pejam mata hingga ke pg.

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