Thursday, March 1, 2012

AD @ cinnamon coffee house

our AD for yr 2011 has been postponed for few times till feb’12 n finally its on with a sudden notice that e’ dinner is on 22/02/12 – 1 day jer OK so out of 27 staff only 18 can make here we go ….dinner held in One World Hotel @ Cinnamon Coffee House. its a buffet me enjoy it as much as i can..even i know i’m a small eater..i try to consume a lot since i’m not taking my lunch due to some reason, but still i cant bet wif my other colleagues – audrey n emily..e’ everlasting champion when it comes to food n eating!!

{e’ two long table seating}

P1300392 P1300326

{nice choice of foodies}


{my table}





{18 of us only…oops ada yg left early..not in e’ picture JAJA, AMY, FARAH n YVONNE}

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