Monday, October 18, 2010

berBOATing @ tasik CHINI

salam smua…here is a short story abt e’ day we spent in tasik chini while we attending wedding ceremony of my brother on the girl side in felda chini..cannnot miss out one of e’ tourist attractions in Phg, since we already nearby the place…

after having breakfast we hv decided to go for a boat ride in tasik chini. 1st time arrive there, the place is quite peaceful n calm..…10 min drive frm e’ main road..n quite breezy since its secluded in a forest. we took 2 boats for 15 of us which cost us rm100 per boat. the price is rm80/boat for 6 adults but they charged us rm100/boat including  4 kids. i guess quite worth it with a travelling time estimated around 1hr30min…

m_file74 m_file68

waiting at e’ jetty..

we really enjoy viewing the lakes with diffnt island to remark each corner or area consist within e’ lake. we also hv some time to take a pictures n getting to know more abt e famous flower live in a lake – bunga teratai…even e’ weather is getting hot coz its 10pm in e’ mng..


CANDID: me enjoying the uniqueness of teratai flower..

m_file86 m_file91

later on we proceed to e’ nearby river untill e dam..along e’ river, e’ weather is quite nice..coz surrounding is almost fully covered with trees..we barely can feel the sunshine heat. we really enjoy along e’ river trip..manage to saw snake hole which used to be a hole as away for snake to come down to river. its quite huge,,,n yes e’ snake is big according to e’ legend but nowdays e’ villagers didn’t see it anymore, it just that once a while tourist espc foreigner did say they saw the snake or something big in the water…huhu scary too.

m_file121 m_file108 m_file110 m_file119

CANDID: anak buah den tgh tabik hormat kat bapak dia..haha di tgh2 hutan sungai…x tau ler naper

so we end up our journey around 11.30pm…n ready to be back for bro reception on 1.30pm..nice memory for all of us since once again we gathered as a family n having a nice short trip together2…   

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