Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MAHER zain

salam..sapa x kenal MZ ni??? wawa…glamour skjap mamat ni..n me myself pun tergila2kan dia skjap yer…so akibat dr tergilakan tu ler maka for e’ 1st time i went to music shop last weekend n bought his CD..haha, terperanjat mr hub wif my action coz i’m a kind of person yg try to save in wateva ways..therefore most of e’ songs i lurve to hear i ask for help frm mr hub to download jer frm internet but this time actually he refused to do so..dont know y? jealous kot….hahaha so no worries, i’ll get it myself.

rm25 jer after 10% discount..n what can i say, it worth of buying coz all e’ song i lurve to hear…each song is interestng n catch my intention…n really this lovely mrng when i drove frm house to office alone, i get to hear all e’ songs wif peace n enjoy it as much as i want…bdn pun ikut gerak2 gitu…epsc when it comes to a song mix wif hindustan lyrics…..hehehe so into me…yer lar zaman muda2 dulu gila dgn cerita ceriti hindustan ni…n now pun masih gak but terpaksa ctrl a bit coz mr hub is not ….n this is what my hubby said..SEJAK bila pandai KAYAkan artis ni??? hahaha…smile wif silence jer arr.

Maher-Zain-Cover-Album                         m_23102010204   Maher Zain Thank You Allah Back Cover

***sekali skala kuar duit utk halwa telinga…ok aper… :-)

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